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House of Development for Agricultural Contracting Company W.L.L., was established in 1994. It is one of the most significant reputable companies specializing in providing the distinguished veterinary medical services in the Kuwait veterinary medical market. Since establishing the veterinary sector, it is still deemed one of the most efficient contributors in the process of developing the livestock in Kuwait and GCC.

The current hospitals are designed and established for facilitating providing the best care for the old and young animals. The company hereby owns highly qualified equipped veterinary facilities for the young and old animals with full service. The company also offers many of the specialist services such as the several types of surgeries, endoscopic check procedure, X-rays, ultrasound, full blood tests, and the blood chemistry tests.


Hodagri is a Pioneer in Kuwait in the Field of Agriculture, Landscaping and Veterinary Services. Hodagri has grown in Stature by contributing its Share to the betterment of the above fields. The Employees in Hodagri have imbibed and assimilated this concept and so work towards a Common Goal in betterment of the Organization, which will make their Living better.


Hodagri started from scratch two decades back, and has grown by “leaps and bounds”. It looks forward to become a unique company for providing the best and Quality Services in Agriculture Inputs Sales and Service, Landscaping and Veterinary services. All these have been possible and only can be possible with the uncompromising Support of its Employees.


House of Development for Agricultural Contracting Company W.L.L. - شركة بيت الانماء للمقاولات الزراعية

  • Al Shuhadaa Street, Al Amwaj Tower, 1st Floor, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 242 1694/7, +965 2 475 4112, +965 2 475 6065
  • +965 2 242 1713, +965 2 475 9853
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