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COMPANIA GLOBAL DE PINTURAS S.A., is the leading paint company in the Andean region, with production plants in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and the Caribbean, as well as commercial offices in Panama and Peru. The Company has two main business units focusing on decorative paints and industrial, maritime, automotive and powder coatings.

The Company manufactures innovative products using the highest quality standards and meeting customer’s needs in terms of quality and efficiency through its state of the art plants and R&D laboratories.

COMPANIA GLOBAL DE PINTURAS S.A. was founded in 1945 under the brand name PINTUCO which has now become a synonym of quality. Later on and through a number of M&A, other leading brands, such as Terinsa, ICO and Graniplast were acquired.

COMPANIA GLOBAL DE PINTURAS S.A. is part of Inversiones Mundial, a Conglomerate based in Medellin Colombia with presence in 9 countries. Inversiones Mundial consists of more than 30 companies in 9 different countries while its annual sales exceed $1 billion.


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Contact info #1

Arduick Abreu
+57 4 384 8484
Industrial Products - Sales & Marketing Manager
+57 4 232 0470
Calle 19 A No 43 B 41, Medellin, Colombia

Contact info #2

Juan Carlos Velasquez
+57 4 384 8413
Maintenance Paint Manager
+57 4 232 0470
Calle 19 A No 43 B 41, Medellin, Colombia

Polyurethane Binder

Polyurethane binder 11320/11351 is a high gloss finish designed to prevent corrosion. Its principle function is to provide resistance to the detrimental effects of natural sunlight maintaining its colour and glossiness at the same time.

The polyurethane binder provides an increased resistance to the sunlight as compared to epoxy based finishes. Polyurethane binder can be used as a finish coat on a wide range of offshore, heavy industry and marine structures.

Polyurethane Gloss Paint “Air Coat”

PINTUCO’s polyurethane gloss paint consists of two main components. Component A is a polyester resin enamel while component B is an isocyanate catalyst. The mixture produces a high gloss topcoat with excellent resistance to humidity, abrasion, decolouration and aggressive fluids. This coating’s balanced formula provides excellent chemical resistance, incomparable distinction of image, good chip resistance and flexibility.

"Air Coat" is the new paint formula developed especially for commercial, sporting, military and space aircraft and consists of the following: polyester putty, base epoxy, two non-toxic components and the two-component polyurethane paint with high temperature resistance.

Epoxy High Solid Tank Lining Coating

PINTUCO’s epoxy high solid tank lining coating consists of: pigmented epoxy base and clear polyamine curing agent. To use this coating the mixing of 4 parts of epoxy base and 1 part of curing agent is required. The dry film thickness is typically 250µm (10 mils).

Inorganic Zinc-Rich Coating

Two components, the zinc-rich primer consisting of an ethyl silicate binder and the zinc dust powder form the inorganic zinc rich coating. To use this coating, the mixing of 3.17 parts of primer and 1 part of powder is required. Inorganic zinc-rich coating is often referred to as inorganic zinc rich (IOZ), or inorganic zinc silicate, due to the inorganic silicate chemical processes applied.

Core Equipment

PINTUCO is equipped with core equipment for the production of high quality paints, such as:

  • Dispersers,
  • High speed premixers,
  • Mills,
  • Diluters,
  • Packaging machines,
  • Tinting systems,
  • Milling machines, among others.

Research & Development Processes

PINTUCO has advanced R&D laboratories to support the demanding needs of customers for new resistant paints (proprietary developments).

Colombian Air Force

Colombian Air Force: Helicopter painted with epoxy primer and polyurethane paint.


Ecopetrol Refinery

Ecopetrol Refinery: Tankers, pipelines, metal structures, offshore equipment.


Coal Mining- Carbones del Cerrejon

Coal Mining Company - Carbones del Cerrejon: Cerrejon is the biggest coal mining company in North & South America. PINTUCO has provided Cerrejon with high solids epoxy paints, zinc rich coatings and polyurethane paints.


Compania Global de Pinturas S.A.

  • Calle 19 A No 43 B 41, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 4 384 8484
  • +57 4 232 0470
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