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COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA., is a renowned supplier of mobile prefabricated systems and modules.

The Company's main products include:

  • Portable systems,
  • Pressurized cabins,
  • Metallic tanks,
  • Light wagons for multiple uses.

COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. has more than (20) years of experience in the manufacture of prefabricated systems and modules that have been developed with the best design characteristics, structure, quality, comfort and economy.


COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA., was founded in 1985 and since then, has been providing the oil sector with portable shelters of diverse types, warehouses and mud tanks. Starting from 1993, the Company participated in the development of communication shelters that comply with specifications for protection.


The Company’s vision is to offer lodging, storage and office solutions to client companies who work in remote locations with difficult access, where conventional construction materials cannot be applied.


COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. aims to become a solid company renowned for the quality of its products, its commitment to the environment and the welfare of human capital (employees, clients and suppliers) as a crucial factor for its success.


COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA.’s quality policy is to seek customer satisfaction through the fulfillment of its requirements and expectations. To achieve this, the Company has a fully motivated and trained workforce to perform work procedures in a controlled way, fulfilling all requirements and verifying the functionality and reliability of the products manufactured.


Contact info #1

Hector Tolosa Izquierdo
+57 317 436 8469
Plant Manager
+57 1 433 2557
Transversal 112B Bis A 64-55, Bogota, Colombia

Container Modification & Maintenance

COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. can modify containers so that they serve as sales offices, dwellings and warehouses. Their solid structure allows loading and unloading by cranes.
It’s an economic, functional and safe solution for all kinds of projects.

Portable Housing Units

COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. manufactures portable housing units for various uses.
The exterior is made of galvanized sheets protected with anticorrosive paint and the inside is made of metallic sheets, wood and thermal or acoustic insulation material.

Pressurized Cabins

COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. designs pressurized and A/C systems that permit air recirculation and mixed air intake guaranteeing the integrity of the interior materials, by maintaining positive pressure in the atmosphere in accordance with the norm NFPA 496.

Portable Accommodation Units for Projects

COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. provides an extensive range of portable units as an answer to customers’ instant prefabricated accommodation needs.

These prefab housing units are appropriate for project development, such as the construction of offices, lodges, shelters, storages, casinos, dining halls and classrooms, as they minimise conventional construction issues, namely material transportation, execution time, etc.

Water Treatment Plants

As an integral solutions provider, COLCAMP - COLOMBIANA DE CAMPAMENTOS LTDA. has developed an alliance with Dober Osmotech to build all types of water treatment plants in compliance with the FDA regulations for human consumption products.
Depending on customers’ needs, the Company is able to manufacture plants that are able to perform different procedures, namely reverse osmosis, ultraviolet water treatment, as well as ozone and electro dialysis.

Metal Tanks

The Company can provide a wide selection of metal tanks according to customer needs.

Metal Wagons

The Company can provide from a wide selection of metal wagons according to customer needs.

San Antonio Internacional

Camp for petroleum exploration

American Embassy

Housing, offices and warehousing for antinarcotics force

COLCAMP - Colombiana de Campamentos Ltda.

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