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INSMEDCONT, was created in 1997 in Medellin, Colombia, as a response to the needs of many companies to improve the quality of their processes, increase their productivity, and reduce their fixed and variable costs, among others.

The Company's product portfolio includes equipment and systems, such as automated programmable devices, GSM monitoring systems and magnetic card readers. Additionally, INSMEDCONT offers preventive and corrective maintenance and consulting services on such equipment.


INSMEDCONT provides automation and maintenance services and electronic design to the general industry in order to satisfy customers’ business needs, by delivering comprehensive solutions with the support of trained and experienced personnel that contribute to industrial development.


The Company aims be recognized at a national level for the quality and efficiency of its services in the field of electronic design, focusing on small and medium enterprises, providing them sustainability and improving the quality of life of their employees and associates.


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Contact info #1

Lucy Valderrama
+57 4 252 1477
+57 4 491 0824
Calle 37C #96-96, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Services

The Company offers preventive and corrective maintenance services on industrial instrumentation in the areas of:

  • Electronics (controls, indicators, converters, sensors, etc.).
  • Pneumatics (switch valves, actuators, pressure switches, control units, solenoid valves, final control elements, etc.).

Consulting & Other Services

The Company offers customers an in-depth study of their industrial processes as well as the condition of their machinery and equipment, in order to provide the best solution that meets clients’ specific needs and budget requirements.

Additionally, INSMEDCONT specialises in the assembly, installation and commissioning of industrial machinery, by performing the required modifications according to customers’ needs.

In this area, the Company is able to provide the following services:

• Development of automation projects,
• Updating or maintenance of industrial systems and equipment,
• Design and repair of electronic boards,
• Installation of units and boards for industrial applications,
• Distribution of measurement and control equipment,
• Software for monitoring and data acquisition (SCADA),
• Design of equipment for specific functions.

Automated Programmable Device

The automated programmable device is a programmable system that can be adjusted to customers’ needs and can be linked with a data acquisition system.

General specifications:

• Input voltage 110/220VAC,
• PNP digital inputs 5-32 VDC,
• Relay outputs up to 2A/250V,
• 6 PNP inputs, 12 VDC,
• Max 2 outputs per relay, 4 of which can be for relay or triac,
• Four front buttons,
• Five front displays with seven segments,
• Four leds,
• Plastic enclosure 48 x 96mm,
• Accessory holder for cabinet front panel,
• Non-volatile storage for tuning parameters,
• Minimum signals pulse width 800 μsec,
• Program settings tailored to clients’ needs (optional).

The system can have the following additional features:

• RS485 output,
• Display the information on a PC through a data acquisition software,
• Ability to be integrated into a network of several computers,
• Ability to be connected through a hub to a PC.

CIME Equipment

INSMEDCONT is a supplier of equipment of the brand CIME, such as:

  •  Digital indicator of analogue variables:
  •  Micro controlled electronic equipment,
  •  2 inputs of 0-20 mA or 0-10 VDC,
  • Non-volatile storage of programmed values,
  •  Communication through computer (optional),
  •  2 PND digital inputs, 12 VDC,
  •  2 outputs per relay.
  •  Production Measurement device: Measurement of variables, such as meters, cms, pulse, etc. With optional speed indication, programmable measurement of meters or pulses per roll.
  •  Speed Meter: through the use of a prescaler, engineering units can be adjusted for the appropriate displaying of the speed in RPM, m/min and rev/min; Programmable alerts.
  •  Square Meters Measurement: it receives a signal from an encoder that detects forward and backward movement and includes a prescaler that adjusts the units to be measured.
  •  Programmable Timer: it stores 20 programs for 7 outputs, each output can be programmed with 6 time intervals. 4 keys allow for the timers to be configured. A starting button allows the selected sequence to be initiated.
  •  Temperature Indicator: it receives signals from PT100/PT1000 type sensors and semiconductor sensors.

Indication of temperature ranges:

• 0-120 ºC,
• 0-400 ºC,
• 0-800 ºC.

Possibility to schedule 2 alerts, outputs per relay.

• Digital Indication of Voltage and Current: it displays the range of the following voltage levels:

  •  0-60 VDC,
  •  0-2 VDC/VAC,
  •  0-200 VDC/VAC,
  • 0-100 VDC,
  •  0-15 VDC/VAC.
  •  Possibility to adjust the units from the front panel.

• Frequency Indicators: measuring frequencies from 6 to 36,000 pulses/minute. Ability to adjust the measurements from the front panel.

GSM Monitoring System

This system allows the transmission of data and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) commands, event notification via SMS (Short Message Service) and remote control via SMS.

General specifications:

• Transmission of GSM/SMS data and commands,
• Event notification via SMS,
• Remote control via SMS,
• Max. digital inputs 6,
• Max. analog inputs 4,
• Max. relay outputs 4,
• Communication RS485 or RS232,
• APC serial memory,
• Cellular communication.

Magnetic Card Reader

This system is able to read cards from a distance of 5 cm and it has an RS-232 interface for the transmission of data to the PC.


• Power: 12VDC,
• Current: Minimum 80mA, Maximum 1000mA,
• Number of users: 200,
• Relay output for up to 1A/120 VAC,
• Maximum reading distance: 5 cm,
• Card type: EM or other compatible,
• Ambient temperature range: between -10 and 70 degrees Celsius,
• Humidity range: between 10% and 90%,
• RS-232 interface for the transmission of data to the PC.

Insmedcont (Instrumentacion, Medicion y Control)

  • Calle 37C #96 96, Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 4 252 1477
  • +57 4 491 0824
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