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Axnes Aviation AS, manufactures communication systems for demanding operational environments such as marine SAR operations. The Polycon Communication System allows external helicopter crew to be wirelessly connected to the aircraft's intercom up to a range of 20km. Polycon endures harsh conditions and operate even under water. A proprietary noise cancelling technique ensures audible communication even in high noise environments.

Contact info #1

Trygve Sten Gustavsen
+47 91 61 46 69
President & CEO
+47 37 04 07 99
Jon Lilletuns vei 3, 4876 Grimstad, Norway

Contact info #2

Tom Sekkelsten
+47 92 02 10 40
Chief & Marketing Officer (CMO)
+47 37 04 07 99
Jon Lilletuns vei 3, 4876 Grimstad, Norway

Contact info #3

Mark Panton
+44 7801 295 767
Chief & Operation Officer (COO)
+47 37 04 07 99
Jon Lilletuns vei 3, 4876 Grimstad, Norway

Contact info #4

Cecilie Dybo
+47 95 40 71 90
Marketing Coordinator
+47 37 04 07 99
Jon Lilletuns vei 3, 4876 Grimstad, Norway



The Polycon communication system is developed in close cooperation with professional SAR teams. Polycon is developed by professionals, for professionals and its superior performance and unique patented features are unmatched;


  • External crew member remains a part of the crew on the intercom system, by extending the range of the intercom system up to 20 – 25 km.
  • Drastically improving situational awareness and operational accuracy through constant participation in onboard communication by all crew members, including the external crew member.
  • Enhanced aircraft safety via positive clearances to obstructions, from external crew on the ground.
  • Waterproof transceiver supports hands free continuous communication.
  • Dual band option for direct communication to helicopter and other participating response groups such as ships emergency channels, all in the same transceiver.

Individual configurations are available for other requirements and applications.



  • Depending on application, the equipment may be fully operated on battery power, standard on the transceiver but also available on the Interface (CPU) unit for vehicle independency.
  • System is fully certified, thoroughly tested and widely recognized as the best system available.
  • Polycon has become an industry standard


  • Duplex interface to crew intercom and/or external communication
  • 16 channel 409-470 MHz
  • Fully software programmable
  • Output to remote control unit
  • Meets the aviation requirements of RTCADO 160D
  • General, maritime and aviation type approval
  • Optional remote control unit


  • Frequency range UHF 409-470 MHz
  • Dual band UHF/VHF option
  • Channel spacing 25 KHz
  • 16 channels
  • VOX/PTT operation Hands free PTT
  • Operating temperature -25C to 55C
  • Environmental IP67 Waterproof to at least 6 feet
  • Fully software programmable
  • May also be operated as Hand held Walkie Talkie
  • Robust build. Casing machined from a single block of aluminum with no protruding buttons.


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Other Clients


Norway  CHC - Helikopter Service AS / Heli-One
Norsk Helikopter AS
Airlift AS
330 Skvadron
USA  New York Police Department (NYPD)
Keystone Helicopters
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue
Evergreen Helicopters
England  Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Bristow Helicopters Coastguard
CHC - Bond / Scotia
Sweden  Norrlandsflyg AB
Denmark  Danish Air force DMRH
Finland  Finland Frontier Guard
Ireland  CHC - Ireland Helicopters Ltd
Lithuania  Helisota Ltd.
Germany  Bundespolizei
Spain  Helicsa
Iceland  Icelandic Coastguard
Australia  Lloyd Helicopter
Egypt  Egypt Air Force
Malaysia  Eurocopter
Belize  RAF training centre
Canada  Evergreen Helicopters


Axnes Aviation A.S.

  • Terje Løvåsvei 1, 4879, Grimstad, Norway
  • +47 37 04 08 00
  • +47 37 04 07 99
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