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Bata Industrials is part of the Bata Shoe Organisation, the world’s largest shoe manufacturer, and is the market leader in the Benelux for industrial shoes. Bata Industrials has production facilities throughout the world. The company headquarters is located in Best, The Netherlands, where it employs a staff of over 130. Bata Industrials’ facility in Best produces and sells over 1,000,000 pairs of safety shoes and 700,000 pairs of socks annually. Bata Industrials has a progressive Research and Development department and has certified testing areas at its disposal.

Bata Industrials is devoted to the highest level of quality management systems. This is reflected in their ISO 9001 accreditation initially awarded in 1996.

At the end of 2008 our laboratory received the A-status certificate from the SATRA research and technology centre. The accreditation confirms the fact that Bata Industrials makes every effort to monitor the quality of its safety shoes and provide them with a maximum guarantee. Bata is the first manufacturer of safety shoes in Europe to receive this type of accreditation from SATRA. The certification is the reward for the purchase of high-quality testing equipment, the training of laboratory personnel, and the creation of a conditioned environment within the laboratory.

Safety shoes > The Natural

The renewed The Natural has been developed to be a natural extension of the body. Inspired by nature and available in four widths, this lightweight safety shoe is characterised by its perfect fit for every foot.

The total The Natural collection is certified according to the EN ISO 20345 norm. Manufactured from first-class leather and various other superior quality materials, in addition to a steel toecap, the models also possess the following features:

  • Four width fittings
  • Good climate management by Bata Cool Comfort- or a leather lining
  • Available with two types of anti-slip sole (Dual density PU and TriTech Plus)
  • Unique outsole profile for optimal grip
  • Pre-formed interchangeable inlay sole for extra support
  • Shank
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem
  • Energy-saving Easy Rolling System
  • ESD-version with protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Models available with the waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX laminate
  • Models equipped with TPU toecap

Safety shoes > BS2000

The new BS2000 from Bata Industrials is a well-thought-out safety shoe which combines optimum wearing comfort with the look of a sports shoe. The BS2000 is based on a contemporary design and wide last, and is equipped with various intelligent features and technology which are a welcome contribution to every wearer’s walking enjoyment. At the same time, it offers all the protection, according to EN ISO 20345 standard, which you demand from a safety shoe.

  • Climate management by Bata Cool Comfort-lining
  • Dual density PU-sole with improved profile for optimal slip resistance
  • Wider last for a better fit and optimal comfort
  • ESD-version with protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Pre-formed interchangeable inlay sole for extra support
  • Shank
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem
  • Energy-saving Easy Rolling System
  • S3 models equipped with TPU toecap

Safety shoes > Traxx

Good safety footwear is only ideal safety footwear if it is actually worn. That's why Bata Industrials developed Traxx (certified according to EN ISO 20345 norm). With an eye for detail and unsurpassed attention to design and wear comfort. The Traxx collection, nominated for the Dutch Design Prizes in the ‘professional products’ category just a few years ago, incorporates the latest styles in different safety categories to suit a large variety of working environments.

  • QuattroTech sole; a self-cleaning sole, offers a perfect grip, protection and support
  • Torsion stabiliser; a component of the sole which provides extra robustness and support with every movement, resulting in reduced fatigue and maximum protection during the heaviest work
  • Steel or FlexGuard composite mid-sole
  • Easy Rolling System; saves energy and increases comfort
  • Tunnelsystem; the ultimate built-in shock absorber
  • TPU toecap; a sturdy toecap integrated in the design, extends the life of the shoe thus generating a cost-savings
  • Bata Cool Comfort- or Bata VentAir-lining; made of breathable materials which ensure dry, cool feet and a healthy wearer
  • GORE-TEX membrane in some Traxx-models permanently guarantees warm and dry feet
  • Boa lacing system; literally a firm footing during the entire working day
  • Inlay sole; optimal moisture-absorbency, shock-absorbency, is washable and removable

Safety shoes > Wallstreet

The new Wallstreet collection is specially developed for people working at management level in an industrial environment or in construction. For them, a representative appearance is as important as protection and comfort. The Wallstreet has a contemporary design, complies with legal standards EN ISO 20345 and EN ISO 20347, and which suits every formal and informal outfit. Ideal for moving between the office and the work floor without having to change shoes.

  • Breathable lining of leather for optimal wearer comfort
  • Anti-slip dual density PU-sole
  • Superb fit
  • ESD-version with protection against electrostatic discharge
  • Pre-formed interchangeable inlay sole for extra support
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem
  • Top quality full-grain leather

Safety shoes > Elegance

The Elegance collection brings feminine refinement into light industry. Elegance shoes are equally protective as models in our other collections for this type of work environment. Elegance is characterized by its fashionable design and the subtle accents of the last.

  • Breathable lining of leather and Dri-Lex for optimal wearer comfort
  • Full-grain leather
  • Dual-density PU sole
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem

Safety shoes > Sentinel

People who constantly need to be available for emergency situations, must be well equipped. Furthermore, their footwear needs to give them the necessary comfort and authority, just like the rest of their uniform. Sentinel is a robust range of protective footwear, specially made for police, fireman and ambulance services, military and other uniformed services.

  • Lightweight materials
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem
  • Antislip soles (TriTech Plus-sole or full rubber-sole).
  • EN ISO 20347 models, optionally available in EN ISO 20345.

Safety shoes > Spirit

There is a genuine Bata-safety shoe for everyone. The Spirit, too, is constructed on the basis of the trinity Safety, Health and Comfort, characteristic for all Bata Industrials products. The EN ISO 20345 certified collection can be used for heavy duty and light applications thanks to its good qualities and many models.

  • Special last for sufficient space around the fore foot and instep
  • Climate management by Bata Air Xtreme-lining
  • Available with two types of anti-slip sole: PU/TPU and PU/rubber (model Shield)
  • Shock-absorbing Tunnelsystem
  • Models equipped with TPU toecap
  • Excellent price/value ratio
  • 8 different models, also available in small sizes

Safety shoes > Bickz

With ”Bickz by Bata”, Bata Industrials offers a new type of safety shoe for consumers, hobbyists, semi-professionals and people running a one-man business which is comfortable to wear and also fits perfectly in the contemporary shoe cupboard. New Bickz, more kicks!
Everything you create on the work floor or any odd jobs you do at home or in the garden are meant to be seen. So why shouldn’t the same apply to your appearance? That’s the thought behind Bata’s new safety shoe: Bickz. A lightweight shoe with a noticeably attractive design that is 100% contemporary. Don’t forget however, behind this modern look there are over 100 years of experience. This is how long Bata Industrials has been studying the anatomy of the foot. Bickz is safe, keeps you fit, is comfortable, and attractively priced... And is meant to be seen! So choose Bickz by Bata.

  • Protection from sharp objects thanks to non-steel toecap and mid-sole
  • Feet stay cool thanks to Bickz Cool System
  • Rubber outsole for grip on any surface
  • Protection from rising cold and heat
  • Meets all international safety norms (EN ISO 20345)

Bata Industrials

  • Europaplein 1 5684, ZC Best, The Netherlands
  • +31 499 362 911
  • +31 (0)499 362 948
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