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INDUSTRIAS NORTECAUCANAS - INORCA LTDA., is a Colombian company located in Cali, with more than 50 years of experience and presence in the industrial market. The Company is a leader in the manufacture of chairs for auditoriums, movie theatres and other institutions. Furthermore, the Company provides the automobile industry and several car assemblers with comfortable seat solutions and original parts with world class standards in technology, design and quality.

The Company has experience in the manufacture, commercialization and installation of high quality seats for auditoriums, movie theatres and vehicles. Based on satisfaction surveys conducted by its marketing department, the Company can now confirm the excellent condition and functionality of its products with a guaranteed service life of up to 20 years.

Currently, INORCA’s products are exported to countries such as: United States, Korea, Russia, England, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Mexico among others.


• Reasonable and competitive prices,
• Ergonomic design,
• Tested durability,
• Simple installation and maintenance,
• After sales customer services,
• Replaceable spare parts.


INORCA is known for its passion for high quality solutions, reliability and efficiency. The Company works hard to provide customers with contemporary yet flexible and robust, uncompromising solutions.


Around 1950, Sr. Enrique Ramirez, owner of a small movie theatre chain in Colombia, was victim of a fire in one of his theatres located in the municipality of Florida that caused great damages to the movie theatre and the seats as well. As a result, Mr. Ramirez decided to venture into this business, starting in his own theatre in Florida.

The Company was created under the name of INDUSTRIAS NORTECAUCANAS LIMITADA - INORCA LTDA. with the purpose of covering the local movie theatre market. Later on, came the idea of incorporating new business lines, thus, the Company decided to venture into the automotive sector.

In 2002, as the nationwide provider of movie theatre and auditorium chairs, INORCA ventured successfully into international markets, namely the United States, Ecuador, Mexico and Honduras.


INORCA is a family like company, passionate about innovation and known for its environmentally friendly practices, as well as the enthusiasm and the loyalty towards its customers.


INORCA aims to maintain its position as a reliable and diversified organization with a growing international presence.

Contact info #1

Luis Silverio Alvarez B.
+57 2 390 5290 Ext. 202
Commercial Manager OEM
+57 2 390 5272
Calle 18 No. 118 - 85. Casa 54. Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Seats & Spare Parts for OEMs

INORCA has more than 40 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of OEM products, such as seats for cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks, as well as spare parts, such as covers, frames, etc. and metal assemblies for diverse applications (brackets, reinforcements, chassis parts, etc.).

INORCA is an OEM manufacturer for automobile assemblers, such as Renault, Toyota, Mazda and General Motors, motorcycles manufacturers, such as Suzuki and Honda and manufacturers of buses, such as Marcopolo.

INORCA is equipped with state of the art technology and has the support of a highly qualified and motivated team of professionals in all industrial processes. The Company is supported by tools, such as KAIZEN, Quick Answer, 7 Wastes, SMED and Red and Green, among others, and focuses on the continuous improvement of processes and waste reduction.

Among the Company’s equipment for the design and manufacture of OEM parts are:

• MIG Robot Welding Machine,
• CNC Metal Sheet Punching Machine,
• CNC Laser Metal Cutting Machine,
• CNC Fabric Cutting Machine,
• CNC Tube Bending Machine,
• CNC Wire Bending Machine.

Movie Theatre Seats

Several factors can guarantee a memorable movie theatre experience, among which are the architecture, the sound and the comfortable movie theatre seats.

INORCA specialises in the design and manufacture of movie theatre seats to satisfy the different needs of their customers in terms of comfort, durability, quality and versatility. Among the Company’s products are fixed seats, reclining seats and VIP seats.

Auditorium Seats

Comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics, versatility and functionality, are inherent properties of INORCA’s seats, thus providing a unique experience in every auditorium.

INORCA specialises in the design and manufacture of auditorium theatre seats to satisfy the different needs of their customers, as the Company's only concern is to create comfortable seats of easy maintenance, installation and a long service life. Among the INORCA’s products are fixed seats, reclining seats and VIP seats.

Development Process

INORCA LTDA. is equipped with CAD/CAM design software for the design and development of spare parts and seats, as well as specialised machinery such as:

• MIG Robot Welding,
• CNC Metal Sheet Punching machine,
• CNC Laser Metal Cutting,
• CNC Fabric Cutting,
• CNC Tube Bending,
• CNC Wire Bending.

Inorca Ltda. - Industrias Nortecaucanas Limitada

  • Calle 18 No. 118 85, Avenida Canasgorda Casa 54, Cali, Colombia
  • (572) 489 6999
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