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From roots in emerging markets, Agility brings efficiency to supply chains in some of the world's most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a global footprint and customized capabilities in developed countries and emerging economies. Agility is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with more than 22,000 employees in over 500 offices and 100 countries.

  • Vision: to be a new type of logistics leader meeting the challenges of global trade.
  • Mission: to facilitate trade through innovative supply chain solutions.
  • Values: integrity, personal ownership, teamwork and excellence.
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Contact info #1

Musaed Al Hawli
+965 2 498 1235
Senior Manager, Business Development
+965 2 467 6720
Agility Head Office, Sulaibiya, PO Box 25418, Safat 13115, Kuwait

Contact info #2

Sami Salame
+965 2 498 1290
Business Development Manager
+965 2 467 6720
Agility Head Office, Sulaibiya, PO Box 25418, Safat 13115, Kuwait


The company's scope of work encompasses:

Facility Management: The company's facilities are strategically located for ease of reach and equipment access. With flexibility in facility size and type, Agility is able to select an existing site or set up what a client needs for optimal proximity.

Inventory Management: Agility manages end-to-end inventory planning and replenishment tailored to specific requirements. Taking complete responsibility for an inventory, it finds the efficiencies that eliminates unnecessary stock holding and subsequently decreases logistics cost.

Materials Management: From the acquisition of spare parts and replacements to purchasing, ordering and quality control, Agility manages the materials and products necessary to keep a business running smoothly.


Product Range

  • Expedited: Typical transit time: 1–2 days*,
  • Premier: Typical transit time: 3–4 days*,
  • Value: Typical transit time: 5–7 days*.


Air Freight Ease

  • Partnerships with some of the world’s premier air carriers,
  • Space allocation and on-time performance due to the company's purchasing power,
  • Direct Access to all prime capacities,
  • Cargo 200 certified, C-TPAT, PIP and TAPA compliant,
  • Split and full charter.


The company provides both Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) services for day-to-day shipments, as well as out-of-gauge and break bulk services for non-containerized cargo. All of the company's Sea Freight experts around the world are ready to respond to urgent inquiries, so a sea freight not only gets to its destination on time but also it gets the right treatment every step of the way.

Product Range:

  • FCL: Ensures the availability of equipment whenever and wherever a client needs to ship a complete container of cargo.
  • LCL: Supports partial container loads with regular and reliable connections worldwide.

The company's freight experts are compliant with the latest advanced cargo handling and security requirements and are available to assist with a pick-up and export handling, import handling & delivery, and capacity management.


Powered by its own fleet of vehicles and carefully selected preferred haulers, Agility’s Road Freight products provide clients with the right capacity allocation and equipment for every type of shipment. The company has direct access to all prime capacities, including Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truck Load (LTL) transports, as well as specialized equipment like refrigerated vehicles or double stacking trailers.

Product Range:

Premier: Choose precise pick-up and delivery times for total control of your critical shipments. Its direct road transportation ensures speed and load availability at any time.

Value: Save money by shipping within the company's predetermined timeframes. Its frequent and reliable schedules keep clients' shipments moving efficiently and economically.


With Agility’s extensive experience and vast resources spanning numerous industries and countries, its experts are able to customize distinctive supply chain solutions for every specific business needs. Using a proven and scalable process and drawing from its large network of people, the company can combine freight forwarding products, specialty businesses and logistics expertise to create solutions that accommodate the most dynamic and category-specific markets.

Whether a client requires a Direct-to-Store, Vendor Managed Inventory and Origin Cargo Management solution, or an entirely customized approach, Agility can provide the right process, equipment and tools as well as the personal attention to move the supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.


Agility's online Tracking Tools give clients the peace of mind that comes with complete transparency. Its proprietary technology provides easy, instant access to freight’s status, allowing a client to follow a single shipment in real-time.

Standard Tracking: Track a single shipment online through Agility’s secure, proprietary process, without user IDs and/or passwords. Access basic shipment information and receive updates on significant steps and procedures (e.g., receipt of goods, international departure, international arrival, delivery completed).
Advanced Tracking: Conduct advanced searches for orders and shipments with date ranges, events and multiple references. Generate reports with complete, transparent shipment data.
Both tracking applications lets a client to send data in HTML format or as a PDF or Excel file.


The contract with KNPC provides complete warehouse management services on a 4 PL basis (at client site).


Management of Material includes pumps, valves, pipes and other spare parts used in refinery operations.


Contract Duration: 2004 - ongoing



4PL Warehouse Management at KJO facilities, over 26,000 line items covering material such as equipment and spare parts relating to exploration and drilling.


Contract started in 2010 for a duration of 5 years.



Complete operation and management of the environment-controlled central warehousing complex of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kuwait, holding all the pharmaceutical supplies numbering 15,000+ line items.  Involves all the day-to-day warehouse operations to receive, inspect, store, retrieve, assemble and deliver to all the pharmacies and hospitals in Kuwait.


Contract Duration: 2006 - ongoing



  • Sulaibiya, Beside Land Customs Clearing Area P.O. Box 25418, Safat 13115, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965.1.809.222
  • +965 2 467 6720
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