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Founded in 1997, Wataniya Environmental Services (WES), is a specialized environmental consulting company. WES was set up with a capital of 1,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars (over USD 3,000,000) and is a closed shareholding company.

The company is based in Kuwait and provides a wide range of services commiserate with its extensive experience in environmental issues. Its team is comprised of a highly integrated professional team who take the utmost care in implementing the strictest environmental regulations and standards. Given its expertise, WES offers clients a one-stop solution for all Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) concerns. Its services not only benefit clients who utilize them, but they also serve to protect the natural environment.

In the 13 years since its foundation, WES has made several proud accomplishments and has established itself as one of the best HSE services provider in Kuwait. Its strong imprint in the Kuwaiti market reflects the brisk pace of progress and goodwill hopes to maintain and cultivate in the years to come.

Mission & Vision

Health, safety and a clean environment are the legacy the Company must protect for the generations to come. HSE services play a very important role in the context of the globalized world, as more people are gaining awareness about the environment and its concerns. Wataniya Environment Services envisions a world that is safe and green for everyone. It aims to be the leading environmental services company in the Middle East, offering its clients quality training and consultancy solutions.

One of the primary objectives at WES has always been to ensure client satisfaction. Has also trained its employees to actualize its aspirations. Developing new consultancy services and training modules has been a major area of interest at WES. The Company currently is in the process of exploring regional avenues for growth.  It gives great pride to be considered one of the leading HSE organizations in the region.


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Contact info #1

Eng. Shahad S. Dashti
+965 2249 8390
Deputy Chairman & Managing Director
+965 2247 4126
Mubarak Al Kabeer Tower, 12th Floor, Mubarak Al Kabeer Street, Sharq, Kuwait


WES has been providing clients with environmental consultancy services since the inception of the company. Our services cover all the needs and demands of the market. A multi-disciplinary team comprising specialists, professional scientists, engineers and management consultants, combines technical knowhow and experience to provide integrated solutions for clients and achieve exceptional results. The Consultation department, with its access to a wide range of expertise in fields like chemistry, geology, engineering, hydrogeology and microbiology, is capable of delivering innovative solutions for business and government clients by assisting in managing environmental and related risks.WES has completed environmental projects in the following fields: Industrial, Energy, Recreational, Urban Studies, Educational Institutions, Marine, Oil and Gas. At WES, we are all part of a team which is personally accountable and jointly responsible for the delivery of quality work to clients. Our success story stems from our acceptance of only the highest ethical and personal integrity in all our dealings. We value the entrepreneurial spirit and encourage innovative and client-oriented behavior. Our commitment to excellence and access to the latest market knowledge have contributed to our international expansion in 2006. This move has expanded our horizons by opening new markets and identifying challenging business opportunities.

Environmental Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services cover Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Currently, WES provides the following Environmental Consultancy Services: • Environmental Engineering Design Review for onshore and off shore projects • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) • Environmental Management Plan • Environmental Monitoring Plan • Regulatory Compliance and Gap Analysis • Environmental Management for Dredging Activities • Land Reclamation Management • Air Dispersion Modeling • Noise Modeling & Land Use • Hydrodynamic Modeling • GIS and Remote Sensing

Environmental Baseline Studies

• Air Quality • Noise Level Survey • Soil Characterization • Sediment Characterization • Ecological Surveys • Marine Ecological Surveys • Marine Seawater Quality • Bathymetry Studies

Risk & Safety Consultancy Services

• Hazard and operability study (HAZOP) • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) • Project Health, Safety, Environment Review (PHSER) • HSE Planning • Safety Case Study

Health Consultancy Services

• Exposure limit assessment • Industrial Hygiene


Some of our major clients for Training Services are:


  • Ministries
  • Public Authorities
  • Private Sector
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical Companies
  • Consulting Companies
  • Contractors
  • Research & Educational Institutes


Wataniya Environmental Services Co. (K.S.C.C)

  • Mubarak Al Kabeer Tower, 12th Floor, Mubarak Al Kabeer Street, Sharq, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 249 8390
  • +965 2 247 4126
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