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CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S., is an organization that works under the concept of integration of technology and service culture. The company specialises in the sale of advanced services, the supply and installation of equipment in the area of telecommunications, security systems, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of physical infrastructure and electrical and logical networks.

CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S.'s is renowned for its commitment to quality of service. Every aspect of the organization is based primarily on meeting customers’ requirements, offering the added value of flexibility and efficiency.


It is essential for the Company to provide excellent services in the area of telecommunications and for this, it has to be equipped with qualified personnel that can respond to the needs of each client, constantly updating new technologies that allow it to provide agile and up to date services.


The Company intends to consolidate its position as one of the leading companies in providing telecommunications services, being a pioneer in adapting new technologies, seeking competitiveness and sustainability in the telecommunications market.


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Contact info #1

Carlos Alberto Velez Alvarez
+57 4 436 5560
General Manager
Cra. 65 N? 48C-115 Of. 301, Medellin, Colombia


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. offers consulting & auditing services related to:

  • The design and implementation of logical and electrical infrastructure,
  • The installation and configuration of LAN and WAN communication equipment,
  • The design, diagnosis and dimensioning of PBXs and telecommunications systems,
  • The diagnosis and sizing of call center systems, including training for agents, supervisors and system administrators,
  • Integrated telecommunications projects.


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. offers structured wiring systems, such as:

  • Design and implementation of logical and electrical infrastructure,
  • Implementation of vertical and horizontal cabling,
  • Supply, installation and configuration of LAN and WAN communication equipment,
  • Application of the latest technologies in fiber optics cabling, Gigabit Ethernet and high speed cabling,
  • Wiring certification according to international standards of quality and performance,
  • Preventive and/or corrective maintenance of the physical infrastructure of electrical and logic networks,
  • Administration and documentation,
  • Outsourcing of the management of the physical infrastructure of logical and electrical networks.


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. offers training services on subjects related to:

  • Data Transmission,
  • Configuration and operation of CISCO, 3COM, Nortel and Avaya equipment,
  • Video Conference Systems,
  • Telephone Systems,
  • Call center systems for agents, supervisors and administrators.


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. offers maintenance services, such as:

  • Preventive and/or corrective maintenance of physical infrastructure of electrical and logic networks,
  • Maintenance and administration of LAN and WAN connections,
  • Maintenance, administration and management of telephone switches,
  • Preventive and/or corrective maintenance of videoconferencing systems,
  • Preventive and/or corrective maintenance of telephone systems,
  • Corrections and adjustments in the allocation of resources in the design and/or operation of telephone systems.


The Company offers outsourcing services related to:

  • Telephone systems management,
  • Call Center systems management,
  • Call Center systems services,
  • Data networks and structured cabling management.


Terrestrial microwave link installation:

  • Last mile solutions with fixed carrier microwave radios, spread spectrum radios, base band modems and ISDN terminal adapters,
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of links with DMC, P-COM, DART, Cylink, WORD ACCESS and SYPLEX equipment.

Satellite microwave link installation:

  • Commissioning, testing and commissioning of satellite links with the use of TDMA, SCPC and VSAT technologies,
  • Management of different brand equipment: EF-Data, Comestream, Spar and Titan, among others,
  • Antennas from 0.6 meters to 4.5 meters long.


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. is a leading approved distributor of telecommunications products, such as:

  • Cisco: Routing, Switching, Security systems,
  • 3COM: Switching solutions,
  • PANASONIC: IP PBXs, Telephone Sets,
  • ALCATEL: IP Communications Servers, Call Centres, Telephones,
  • Polycom: Video and Audio Conferencing solutions.
  • Point to point and point-multipoint videoconferencing solutions over frame relay, ISDN and TCP/IP,
  • Video surveillance equipment,
  • CCTV Systems.


  • Design, implementation, commissioning of telephone switches, voice mail servers, audio response systems, digital recording systems, fax servers, contact centres,
  • System performance and resource allocation testing,
  • Design & diagnosis of call center systems.


  • Design, implementation, commissioning and management of integrated solutions,
  • Network performance testing,
  • Correct network design and/or repair of operation problems.


CV COMUNICACIONES S.A.S. has a strong customer base in the following markets:


Private Sector


  • Ferroindustrial,
  • Postobón S.A.,
  • Colchones Cariño,
  • CI Metales y Derivados,
  • Creaciones Marlía,
  • Royal & Sunalliance,
  • Conix,
  • S&E,
  • Viviendas y Proyectos,
  • Fashion Diosas,
  • Coltabaco S.A.


Health Sector


  • Oral Specialized Unit (Unidad Oral Especializada),
  • Coomeva,
  • ARP Social Security,
  • Sectional Health office (Dirección Seccional de Salud),
  • Marco Fidel Suarez Hospital.


Education Sector


  • Institución Universitaria de Envigado,
  • Corporación Uniandina de Altos Estudios,
  • Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia,
  • Universidad Nacional,
  • Universidad de Antioquia,
  • Universidad Autonoma de Colombia.


Official Sector


  • Municipality of Medellin,
  • Flycom comunicaciones,
  • ISA,
  • Internexa.


CV Comunicaciones S.A.S.

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