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FUNDELEC LTDA., is a metallurgical company engaged in the manufacture of electrical equipment and copper products for low and medium voltage networks. More specifically, FUNDELEC LTDA. is situated in Cali, Colombia and since its foundation it has been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of connectors for the electricity sector.

The Company is certified under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System as a means to ensure that the services delivered comply with customers’ requirements.

FUNDELEC LTDA. is dedicated to the casting of non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum and bronze) for the manufacture of connectors for electrical networks of low, medium and high voltage. The Company, whose facilities occupy an area of approximately three hundred (300) m2, currently employs 15 regular employees.


FUNDELEC LTDA. meets the needs of the electricity sector through the production of low, medium and high voltage connectors in competitive prices, backed by experienced engineers dedicated to the research and development of new projects in the field of energy and electricity.


Within the next years, the Company aims to be recognized at a national level as a manufacturer of high quality connectors, maintaining competitive levels in the handling and use of technology and production processes.


Contact info #1

Luis Daniel Dominguez Ceron
+57 2 882 8630
General Manager
+57 2 882 9457
Av. 6 West No. 32-05, Cali, Colombia

Contact info #2

David Mauricio Dominguez G.
+57 2 882 8630
Management Representative
+57 2 882 9457
Av. 6 West No. 32-05, Cali, Colombia

Hardware & Connectors

FUNDELEC LTDA., is a manufacturer and distributor of all kinds of connectors for high and low electrical voltage. The Company’s portfolio includes ground connectors, retaining clips, electrical panels, car battery terminals, bus bars, ground rods, clamp type connectors, support clips for lightning protection and terminal blocks, among others, made of ANSI 356, ASTM B26 aluminum, bimetallic alloys (Copper-Aluminum), or brass.

Fundelec Ltda.

  • Km. 7 de la vía al mar (Buenaventura) Avenida 6 Oeste # 32 – 05, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 882 8630, +57 2 882 9457
  • +57 2 882 9457
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