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LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA., is a pioneer in the Colombian market in the manufacture and marketing of engine valve guides, born as a solution to the lack of spare automotive parts. Since its inception in 1965, the Company has been producing high quality products using process automation, in order to achieve product accuracy, reliability, quality and safety.

LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA. has been exporting its products to countries, such as:

  • Costa Rica,
  • Guatemala,
  • El Salvador,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • Panama,
  • Venezuela,
  • Ecuador,
  • Peru,
  • Bolivia.

In addition to the engine valve guides, LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA. is developing plastic callipers, centrifugal bearings for the manufacture of valve seats and plug blocks, conforming to the SAE J-1682 technical standards.

LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA. uses selected raw materials accompanied by a detailed control on each production process, ensuring optimal products and applying the latest technology that offers high flexibility, as required by the clients.


LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA. is dedicated to the manufacture of engine valve guides for the automotive market through distribution channels and direct sales, using technological innovation, quality policy, customer service and clean technology.


The Company’s vision is to become a leading company in the aftermarket of engine valve guides, expanding its participation nationally and increasing exports through a culture of continuous improvement.



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Contact info #1

Juan Carlos Herrera Castro
+57 2 663 2031 Ext. 1
Commercial Director
+57 2 663 2031 Ext. 3
Calle 68 A # 7C - 80, Cali, Colombia

Contact info #2

Camilo Vargas Caceres
+57 2 663 2031
Technical Assistant
+57 2 663 2031 Ext. 3
Calle 68 A # 7C - 80, Cali, Colombia

Engine Valve Guides

LAGZ - GUIAS Y REPUESTOS LTDA. can produce any type of valve stem guides for internal combustion engines, namely, gasoline, diesel and gas, under the SAE J-1682 standards.

Plastic Callipers

These plastic callipers have an inelastic behavior, are manufactured with high quality materials and provide a safe method for measuring the engine bearing lubrication system’s tolerance.

Centrifugal Bearings

The Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of centrifugal and pre-machined bearings under the SAE and ASTM technical standards.

LAGZ - Guias Y Repuestos Ltda.

  • Calle 68 A # 7C 80, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 663 2031
  • +57 2 663 2031 Ext. 3
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