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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

RAPIDEXXUS S.A., was founded in Bogotá in 1982, under the name RAPIDEX LTDA. The main scope of the Company is to market aviation engineering and communications systems within the Colombian territory. The Company’s main clients are government entities, such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia, the Colombian Air Force, the Colombian Army, as well as private entities currently operating in airport hangars around the country.

Since its inception, RAPIDEXXUS has been successfully marketing products manufactured by companies internationally renowned for their quality and advanced technology. In 2003 the Company in order to expand its portfolio, has made a partnership with EXXUS LTDA. for the commercialization of their products in the Colombian territory. The Company then became a public limited company and changed its name to RAPIDEXXUS S.A.

Currently RAPIDEXXUS S.A. represents, among others:

  • COOPER Crouse-Hinds, manufacturer of air navigation aids (airport runway lighting).
  • AERAZUR of France, ZODIAC AEROSPACE Group Company, manufacturer of aircraft arresting gear for commercial and military aircraft, pilot ejection systems, pilot uniforms and life rafts for commercial aircraft, among others.
  • USA MCN ATC SOLUTIONS, HARRIS CORPORATION, manufacturer of air traffic control towers, including voice communication control systems (VCCS), general communication systems, etc.
  • LA FUNDACIÓN DE APLICACIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍAS CRÍTICAS (ATECH), integrator of radar and communications systems, including the development and implementation of software for control centres.
  • EVENTIDE INC., manufacturer of multi-channel recording systems for air traffic control towers.
  • TELVENT INVERONMENT S.A., manufacturer and integrator of meteorological systems, including automated surface weather stations (EMAS).
  • PHOENICS CORP., manufacturer of photometric calibration systems for visual aids.

RAPIDEXXUS’ ongoing commitment towards the continuous improvement in order to meet customers’ growing demand, has led the Company to become a distributor of communications equipment of renowned companies around the world. The Company is strongly committed towards the preservation of the environment through the implementation of clean and pollution-free processes.


RAPIDEXXUS is an engineering company providing integrated solutions in the aviation, communications and military sectors. Throughout its history, the Company was known for its efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction in the provision of comprehensive consulting services and the supply and installation of communications equipment.

RAPIDEXXUS S.A. supports customers with the provision of systems, equipment, and spare parts for the aviation sector, as well as the integration, installation, maintenance and proper repair of communications equipment.


RAPIDEXXUS’s vision is to become a leading company in Colombia in the field of engineering, through innovation, quality assurance and efficiency in the services provided, in order to achieve total customer satisfaction.

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Contact info #1

Felix Ricardo Quinones
+57 1 427 5133
General Manager
+57 1 427 5144
Carrera 68D N? 25B – 86 Oficina 503, Bogota, Colombia

Air Navigation Aids

RAPIDEXXUS S.A. offers distribution, installation and maintenance services on:

Visual Equipment:

• Approach Indicators (ALS, PAPI, REIL),
• Airport Runway Lighting,
• Vertical Signalling Systems,
• Heliports Lighting Systems,
• Constant Current Regulators  - CCRs,
• Wind Cones,
• Control and Monitoring Systems,
• Portable Lighting Systems for Runways and Heliports,
• Photometric Calibration Systems for Visual Aids.

Navigation Equipment:

• ILS, VOR, DVOR, CVOR, DME Systems,
• Accessories, Components and Parts for the abovementioned systems.

Air Traffic Control Systems

RAPIDEXXUS S.A. offers distribution, installation and maintenance services on:

• Aerodrome Control Towers,
• VCCS - Voice Communication Control Systems,
• Air Control Management Systems,
• Weather Information Systems,
• UHF and VHF Radio Equipment for both military and civil applications,
• Digital Recording Systems.

Special Equipment

RAPIDEXXUS S.A. offers distribution, installation and maintenance services on:

• Aircraft Arresting Gear for commercial and military aircraft,
• Fixed and Portable Weather Stations, including EMAS, CCTV Systems,
• CNS / ATM Systems.

Clients / Projects

Army Airborne Brigade N. 25 - RAPIDEXXUS S.A. performed maintenance on radio navigation aids, as well as supply of equipment for the Tolemaida military airfield.


Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia - RAPIDEXXUS S.A. has installed nationwide PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) visual aid systems, multi-channel recording systems for air traffic control, runway cables.


Colombian Air Force - RAPIDEXXUS S.A. has installed aircraft arresting gear and has performed maintenance works on airport navigation aids.


Rapidexxus S.A.

  • Carrera 68D Nº 25B – 86 Oficina 503, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 427 5133
  • +57 1 427 5144
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