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CANTTEL LTDA., is an Information Technology and Communications (ICT) company, founded in 1998, with emphasis on voice, data and video-based wireless communications. It offers the following services: Wireless LAN TO LAN connection, supply and installation of IP telephony and conventional plants, design and implementation of electronic security, Wi-Fi solutions, design and installation of public and private communication Networks.

The connectivity service aims to establish high-speed channels for voice, data and video transmission between the branches of the client’s company, centralizing information on a single network. This will guarantee the highest level of availability, reliability and information security.

With this solution the branches of the client company will be constantly connected to high capacity, high quality and low cost network links.

The company is certified by Bureau Veritas in the processes of marketing, installation and support of telecommunications systems, ISO 9001:2008.

CANTTEL LTDA. was recognized as the best ACSP (Authorized Canopy Solution Provider) of Colombia for the MOTOROLA company, in 2006 for its work as an integrator of equipment for wireless data transmission.



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Contact info #1

Manuel Adarve
+57 4 448 5005
General Manager
Carrera 77C No. 48B-13, Medellin, Colombia

LAN Connection Services

CANTTEL LTDA. offers its clients the opportunity to centralize information on a single network with a data, voice and video integration, making the technological performance of the client company much more efficient maintaining its aesthetics at the same time.
The cabling is installed inside walls with the purpose of establishing a Local Area Network connection.
CANTTEL LTDA. offers a complete connectivity solution covering all connection and managing systems.
Wireless LAN Solutions:

  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology provides growing companies with fast, secure and easy setup networks.
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) connections offer several advantages over the LAN connections. The benefits are obvious since the user can actually move from one point to another and stay connected to the WLAN (WLAN) connection and its resources.
  • The network can be established without placing cables or installing connectors inside walls. This is particularly useful when installing temporary networks or when working somewhere temporarily, changing locations periodically, such as companies that move to bigger offices when exceeding the capacity of the existing facilities.


  • Offers consulting and connection design by specialists optimizing quality and energy saving.
  • Specializes in programming and wireless installations.
  • Offers support and a 24-hour service.

LAN to LAN Connection Services

CANTTEL LTDA.’s connectivity services aim to establish a high-speed network for the transmission of voice, data and video between the branches of the client company, centralizing information on a single network.
The total connectivity will result in wireless links in two or more places, depending on the number of the company’s branches. This will ensure the highest level of availability, reliability and information security.
With this solution, the client will be constantly connected to high capacity, high quality and low cost wireless connection.
One of the most important necessities of companies located out of the urban area is a high speed data communication. CANTTEL LTDA. offers this service with great success to its customers.
Many companies do not need a permanent infrastructure for a particular service, which is why CANTTEL LTDA. offers rental services for temporary events. This service must be requested at least one week in advance.

Voice Communication Services

Analog telephony:
CANTTEL LTDA. offers solutions for business phone systems that meet the needs and requirements of the client companies. Panasonic, Intelbras and Cesller’s analog phones provide the necessary functions for voice communications that are optimal and technologically appropriate.
IP Telephony:
IP Telephony combines two historically separate worlds: the transmission of voice and data. This means transporting voice, previously converted into data between two distant points. This will enable the use of data to make phone calls and going one step further, the development of a single network that will include all communications, voice or data.
This implementation eliminates completely long distance phone calls between different branches. In places where there is no institutional network, coverage calls can be made over the internet.
Digital Radio Telephony:
Mototrbo radio: This option provides mobile and group communications when required. The purpose of this equipment is to provide a radiotelephone communications platform, with a large working area coverage, extendible to any other location owned by the client company.

  • Consulting and design services through a team of specialists.
  • On time delivery so as to meet the client company’s requirements.
  • Support and a 24-hour service.

Special IP Solutions Services (video, monitoring & control)

CANTTEL LTDA. provides control system services for the prevention, monitoring and work improvement within the company areas. Its primary role in the implementation of a video system is cost reduction and the reduction of incidents for reasons of insecurity, in addition to the improvement of the effectiveness of employees within the working area.
Special IP solutions features are:

  • Wireless equipment that offers high mobility, speed and economy.
  • Full coverage within the working areas.
  • High resolution for the monitoring of personnel and machinery.
  • Infrared (night vision) for optimal performance in dark areas.
  • Mobile Monitoring integrated into the wireless network.
  • Remote monitoring over the internet.
  • Optical zoom for a more detailed approach of objects and people.
  • Easy fixation on towers, rooftops and light posts.
  • Integrated peripherals, such as microphones and speakers.
  • Web programming environment.
  • Smart Chip that offers greater functionality.
  • Alerts about failures or other-than-normal events sent by text message and emails.

Mobile Computing
Mobile computing is a term used to describe the use of computers in a wirelessly connected network. Mobile computing is defined as all the portable appliances, equipment and general hardware that use processors, memory, etc. in order to operate, such as the laptops, cell phones, notebooks, pocket calculators, etc.

Rural Broadband Services

CANTTEL LTDA. reaches rural areas that are not covered by the traditional providers of ICT services, by installing terrestrial wireless links that cover specific rural areas through point-to-point and/or point-to-multipoint connections, benefiting the rural and mining sectors among others.


CANTTEL LTDA.’s LAN TO LAN solution is a private wireless platform that interconnects IP networks in the metropolitan area. It uses free frequencies and applies all technical regulations and clients specifications.
According to the conditions of the links and the network needs, Point to Point or Point-Multipoint topologies are configured or nodes are implemented in the metropolitan area. The equipment is small and easy to install, so the implementation of a link is possible within a few hours.
The equipment used, namely MOTOROLA, is of proprietary technology with a design that allows the transmission of data, voice and video and is secure, reliable and of high performance. The equipment can operate in environments of extreme weather conditions with a range of more than 50 km and a bandwidth that can reach 300 Mbps. These devices can operate as standalone systems and can be easily integrated into other wireless solution systems. The Motorola equipment is the only broadband system that is certified by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Federal Information Processing standards (FIPS) under standard 197.
Benefits obtained:

  • Intranet and Internet services, with an economic, flexible, scalable and of high performance wide coverage.
  • The implementation of other applications such as:
    • Videoconferencing,
    • Electronic Security,
    • IP Telephony.

Asterisk Platform

Asterisk is a very safe, stable and efficient software that runs under a Linux environment. Asterisk is a virtual phone center, mounted on a Linux server.
It works through a communications protocol, as well as over the Internet. In fact the client needs to be connected to the Internet to work with IP Telephony. Through Digium, OpenVox and Sangoma the client can connect analog or digital lines and support many simultaneous communications. It does everything a conventional telephone does and much more. The client can actually connect multiple phone types: conventional analog or virtual IP.
Analog phones are the cheaper phones available, but they require a voice adapter or gateway to connect to the PBX. IP phones are digital phones that connect directly to a network, while USB phones are very common in the market and they need to be connected to a PC to operate. Similarly, soft phones are software and only require a headset or headphones to make a call.

  • Music on hold,
  • Voicemail,
  • Traffic Reports,
  • Keyword Annex,
  • Receipt of FAX to PDF,
  • Records for all calls, incoming or outgoing,
  • Delivery of voice messages to email,
  • Use of existing structured cabling CAT 5,
  • Wi-Fi Phones,
  • Phone-edge management,
  • Phone Software,
  • Calls to mobile phones using celulink,
  • WEB Panel activity,
  • Call queues, sales, support or other departments.

Mikrotik Server

MikroTik RouterOS™ is the operating system and router software that converts an Intel PC or MikroTik RouterBOARD™ into a dedicated router. The main product of MikroTik is an operating system known as MikroTik RouterOS™ based on Linux. This allows users to convert a PC into a personal computer router, allowing features such as firewall, VPN Server and Client, Management of bandwidth, QoS, Wireless Access Points and other commonly used features of networking.
The operating system is licensed in escalating levels, each releasing more of the available RouterOS™ features as the level number rises. There is also the software called Winbox that provides a sophisticated GUI for the RouterOS™ operating system. The software allows connections via FTP, Telnet and SSH shells access points. There is also an API that allows the client to create custom applications for management and supervision purposes.

Main Projects

a) Wireless Broadband Solutions – University of Choco: At the University of Choco, the communication between the headquarters located in the city was not very versatile. When there was no phone, people needed to travel at a very high cost to maintain communication. The response always came late as internet access was very poor. What the University needed was a wireless network that would provide coverage to all the facilities of the University and that would enable links with all units that are not within the university campus. The wiring required a lot of infrastructure that was impractical and expensive. The challenge was to achieve connectivity in a place with a difficult topography, so it was decided to adopt a wireless broadband solution that effectively met the needs of the client company.


b) Colsanitas Project: An example of LAN to LAN solutions is the Colsanitas’ company network in the metropolitan area of Medellin and the eastern part of Antioquia, implemented in 2000. Up to 16 offices are connected to the main headquarters, with bandwidths ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Mbps according to the needs of each node, supporting connections between nodes with offices comprising of more than 100 computers connected to the network, as well as VoIP communications.


c) Interconnection of two nodes in eastern Antioquia to share high-speed voice, data and video solutions.


d) Implementation of a communication network between the El Bagre Municipality and mines that extract precious metals from the Nechí river that are also providing multimedia solutions.


Among other CLIENTS

Among CANTTEL LTDA.’s most distinguished customers are:

• ISA,
• SENA (Pedregal),
• UNE,


Canttel Ltda.

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