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INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S., was founded in 1993 as an answer to the needs of the sugar industry in Colombia, offering maintenance and installation services on industrial equipment in the geographical area of western Colombia. In the following years, the Company expanded its activities to other industrial sectors and managed to penetrate the markets of Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the United States.

For the development of its activities, the Company relies on highly qualified and experienced engineers and personnel, including skilled welders from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASME and the American Petroleum Institute - API.

INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety.


INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. is a company, dedicated to providing engineering services to the agricultural, construction and power sectors, among others, such as electromechanical installation services, manufacture of tanks and pipes, as well as construction of agribusiness equipment.


In the next years, INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. aims to be a well-recognized, reliable company known for its engineering products and services of excellent quality.


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Alberto Zilli
+57 6 335 1556
Sales Manager
+57 6 324 4113
Cra 8 No 23-09 Ed. Camara de Comercio Of 1201, Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia

Engineering Services

INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. offers electrical services, such as:

• Maintenance of electrical installations,
• Design, construction and installation of low and medium voltage electrical systems, transformers, Motor Control Centers - MCC’s,
• Installation of electrical wiring centres and structured cabling systems,
• Assembly, supply and installation of electrical panels.

Among the Company’s mechanical services are:

• Maintenance of mechanical installations,
• Design and construction of conveyor belts,
• Metal structures, special welding, thermal insulation services,
• Mechanical maintenance and construction of agribusiness equipment, such as juice clarifiers, sugar crystallizers and dryers,
• Manufacture and maintenance of sugar cane transport equipment, such as wagons, spreaders, hopper spreaders, trailers, etc.,
• Vertical or horizontal atmospheric tanks made of carbon steel, 304, 304L, 316 and 316L stainless steel constructed in accordance with API 650 standard with curved or crimped caps,
• Manufacture and assembly of pressure piping in carbon or stainless steel with a 14 inches diameter,
• Construction and installation of smokestacks scrubbers,
• Construction of wastewater treatment plants.

Services for the Oil Industry

INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. offers engineering services for the oil industry as well, such as:

• Design, manufacture and maintenance of sludge tanks,
• Maintenance, remodeling and mobilization of oil fields.

Modular Constructions

INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. specializes in the manufacture of prefabricated modular buildings using factory-built components, units or transportable containers (in sizes 8'x20 'or 8'x40') that are assembled on-site. These modular buildings are galvanized metal structures with polyurethane insulated walls and ceilings, electrical systems, as well as drinking water and sanitary facilities.

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Equipment & Machinery

INDUSTRIAS DEL PACÍFICO S.A.S., in their 2500 m2 production facilities are equipped with advanced equipment, such as:

• Shears for 3.0 m sheets from 3/16 " to 1/4" thick,
• 600 Amp welding machine,
• 400 Amp welding machine,
• 250 Amp welding machine,
• Plasma cutting equipment for stainless steel up to 1 ½” thick,
• Plasma cutting equipment for stainless steel up to 3 / 4” thick,
• Material handling equipment,
• Sheet curver for sheets up to 1/ 2” thick,
• Lathing machines,
• Grinding machines,
• Brushers,
• Surface grinding machine,
• Hand, magnetic or concrete drills,
• Hydraulic bender for conduit pipes up to 12 tons,
• Manual bender for pipes from 1" to 3/4" thick,
• Hydraulic puncher,
• Voltiamperimetric pliers,
• Megger test equipment.


Among INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S.’s suppliers are:


• Ferretería Mapa, Pereira,
• Ferretería Fajobe, Pereira,
• Compañía General de Aceros, Cali,
• Aga Fano, Pereira,
• Ferretería Barbosa, Cali,
• Melexa,
• Sumilec,
• RG Distribuciones,
• Casa del Bombillo,
• Acimel,
• Lumen,
• Roy Alpha,
• Tecna,
• Iluram,
• Daga,
• Schneider Electric,
• Celco,
• Siemens.



Among INDUSTRIAS DEL PACIFICO S.A.S.’s most prominent clients are:


• Sugar mill Risaralda S.A.,
• Sugar mill Riopaila Industrial S.A.,
• Sugar mill Pichichí S.A.,
• Comestibles La Rosa S.A.,
• Gas del Risaralda S.A.,
• Bavaria S.A. Cervecería de Cali,
• Stepan Colombiana de Químicos,
• Industria Licorera de Caldas,
• Fabrica de Café Liofilizado,
• Fabrica de Licores de Antioquia,
• Cazta - Central Azucarero del Táchira C.A. (Venezuela),
• Iancem - Ingenio Azucarero del Norte Compañía de Economía Mixta (Ecuador),
• Sugar mill Lacassine (USA),
• Sugar mill St. James (USA).


Petroleum Industry:


• PETREVEN - Servicios y Perforaciones Petroleras C.A. in Colombia,
• NABORS Drilling International Limited,
• EMERALD Energy Plc in Colombia,
• Chicago Bridge and Iron CBI in Colombia,
• Saxon Services,
• Alianza Casabe Ecopetrol – Schlumberger,
• SAE Exploration Limited.


Industrias Del Pacifico S.A.S.

  • Headquarters: Cra 8 No 23 09 Ed. Cámara de Comercio Of. 1201, Risaralda, Pereira, Colombia
  • +57 (6) 324 4113 / +57 (6) 324 4116
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