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SINCRON S.A., is a Colombian company situated in Bogota and dedicated to the provision of automation solutions and engineering services. The company began its operations in 1978, pioneering the industrial instrumentation market with the manufacture of the first controllers and analog data loggers produced in Colombia.

In 2004, SINCRON S.A. began its commercial exports supported by the York International Corp. initializing refrigeration system projects in Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua. The company has currently expanded its engineering services to other countries, such as Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.

SINCRON S.A. has a 33-year experience in the development and implementation of major automation and control projects in the oil, sugar, paper, cement, steel, food and beverages, telecommunication, security, industrial refrigeration, energy and services and water treatment sectors.

SINCRON S.A. is certified under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and its control and safety system has been assessed and certified by the multinational Bureau Veritas, since March 2007.


SINCRON S.A.’s mission is to build effective and efficient solutions to the different types of private industries in the areas of supervision and industrial control systems, by providing high services as well as quality products and equipment. The continuous training of human talent will be the company’s goal so as to continue evolving, according to market requirements, helping and encouraging the competitiveness of the country.


SINCRON S.A.’s goal is to be one of the best companies of the high-technology industry in providing solutions to the problems of supervision and control in the realization of industrial processes.

SINCRON S.A. is a company dedicated to providing automation solutions, industrial process control and commercialization of equipment, as well as communication and industrial instrumentation services.

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Contact info #1

Camilo Andres Gutierrez
+57 1 245 9322
Projects & Services Engineer
+57 1 232 6621
Calle 38 # 8 -56 Of. 305, Bogota, Colombia

Set-Up of Training Facilities

SINCRON S.A. provides equipment, and offers advice and training for the construction of laboratories for process control and computer systems training, where students can monitor and interact with the software.

Engineering Services

SINCRON S.A. offers engineering services and industrial process design. The company provides operation, maintenance and control system training with engineering and technical personnel trained directly by the manufacturers represented by SINCRON S.A., allowing experience exchange and a better customer support. SINCRON S.A. promotes innovation and research and development of applications based on tools of the latest technology.

Control & Monitoring Solutions

SINCRON S.A. provides monitoring solutions, such as automation and control of industrial processes, real-time information capture, industrial refrigeration energy saving and control, oil plant control and monitoring, poultry process control and electronic video security.

Demo Development

One of the marketing strategies of SINCRON S.A. is demo development, whose objective is to enhance organizational power and allow customers to analyze in detail the developed applications.

Programmable Controllers & Software

SINCRON S.A. manufactures programmable logic controllers PLC, programmable automation controllers PAC, as well as digital cameras and monitoring software.

Containers for Biological Material & Vaccines

SINCRON S.A. manufactures thermoses, cold boxes, laser surface thermometers, refrigerators and freezers, as well as refrigerators and cold room alarm systems for the storage of biological material.

Specialized Human Resources

SINCRON S.A. employs a highly qualified team of engineers in different automation and control technologies, experienced in project designing using programmable logic controllers, such as Logo Soft and OPTO22, GSM module integration, embedded C and assembly programming, engineering development, PLC programming, HMI development and Intouch management.

After Sales Customer Services

SINCRON S.A. provides after sales services and customer feedback by receiving customer complaints and suggestions and taking preventive and corrective actions.


Among SINCRON S.A.’s most distinguished clients are:


Food and beverages sector: Comestibles Aldor, Dancali, Colombina, Federación Nacional de Cafeteros, Frigosur S.A., Grasas S.A., Productos Yupi LTDA., Marbleize (Ecuador), Palmeiras S.A., Industrias del Maiz S.A., Cadbury Adams Colombia S.A., Harinera del Valle S.A., Langostinos de Centroamerica (Nicaragua), Procesadora Marpesca S.A. (Panamá), Agroindustrial del Tolima, Conservas California S.A., Cervecería Nacional de Panamá – Sab Miller (Panama), Postobón S.A., Industria Licorera del Cauca, Producora de jugos, Industria de Licores del Valle, Panamco Colombia S.A.


Sugar sector: Ingenio Riopaila S.A., Ingenio Risaralda, Ingenio Pichichi, Ingenio San Carlos, Manuelita S.A., Ingenio la Cabaña, Ingenio Maria Luisa, Ingenio Carmelita, Ingenio Providencia S.A., Central Turnaco S.A.


Poultry sector: Pronavícola, Fenavi, Campollo, Avícola Villalobos S.A. (Guatemala), Compañia Avícola del Sur – Suraves (Guatemala), Propokodusa (Costa Rica), Compañia Avícola de Centroamerica – Cadena (Honduras), Carioca S.A., Incubacol S.A.


Cement sector: Cementos Argos S.A., Cemex Colombia S.A.


Paper sector: Propal – Productora de Papeles S.A., Smurfith Carton de Colombia S.A., Prensa Moderna Impresores S.A.


Oil and gas sector: Ecopetrol S.A., Occidental de Colombia Inc., Centro Desarrollo Technológico del Gas, Consorcio Confipetrol, Petrobras International.


Health sector: Instituto Nacional de Salud, Instituto Departamental de Salud de Arauca, Gobernación del Dpto del Cesar, Instituto Departamental de Salud de Arauca, Secretaría de Salud Mpal de Cali, Secretaria de salud Dptal del Amazonas, Comfandi, Comfenalco, Secretaría Distrital de Salud de Bogota.


Refrigeration sector: York International Corp, Johnson Controls Colombia LTDA., Refrigeration Engineering Service, Friomix del Cauca S.A.


Education sector: Universidad del Valle, Servicios Nacional de aprendizaje – Sena, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad de Caldas, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Universidad Autonoma de Occidente.


Chemical and pharmaceutical sector: Raisio Quimica Andina, Sanofi – Synthelabo de Colombia S.A., Proenfar S.A., Bayer S.A., Laboratorios Baxter S.A., Quimica Internacional Quintal S.A., Prodesal S.A, Brinsa S.A.


Other sectors: Organización Terpel S.A., Cotecmar, MAC-JOHNSON CONTROLS S.A., Carpak, Centelsa S.A., Colombit  S.A., Siderurgica de Occidente S.A., Plasticos Especiales S.A., Empresas Públicas de Medellín, EPSA E.S.P, Centelsa, Inval S.A., Sidelpa S.A., Suprapak, Cerro Matoso S.A., Cables S.A., Imprelibros S.A., Tubos de Ocidente, Tecnoplast LTDA.


Sincron Diseno Electronico S.A.

  • Carrera 13 #38-47 Office 304 Edificio Contemporáneo, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 245 9322
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