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TECNIKA SARAY S.A., was established in 1993 so as to answer the needs of the national and international metallurgy industry and provide the appropriate technical solutions for the non-ferrous metals industry.

The company designs and manufactures smelting furnaces and continuous or centrifugal casting equipment as well as other solutions that involve a variety of special materials such as graphite, refractory bricks and cement.

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. is certified under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, which speaks highly for the quality of the products manufactured by the company.


TECNIKA SARAY S.A.’s mission is to fulfill the needs and expectations of its customers, to provide satisfaction and an adequate return on investment.


TECNIKA SARAY S.A.’s vision is to be recognized in the national and international metal industry, maintaining its commitments in terms of quality, productivity, competitiveness and continuous improvement. This will ensure sustained growth and human development.


TECNIKA SARAY S.A. is committed to meeting customer expectations and requirements and fostering a culture of quality within the company, through the continuous improvement of human talent, the optimization of processes and the implementation of the appropriate technology.


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Juan Fernando Saray Delgado
+57 2 435 9571, +57 2 435 9571
+57 2 485 3713
Km 1.6 via Cali - Cavasa callejon del silencio, bodegas, Super #18, Cali, Colombia

Metal Injection Services

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. provides metal injection services according to customers’ requirements, using the highest production standards. The company is equipped with up to 3000 grams injection machines.

Design & Manufacture of Casting Equipment

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. designs and manufactures vertical and horizontal continuous casting equipment, for the production of bars, bushings, hubs, strips, billets and generally any design of nonferrous metals, such as brass, copper and aluminum. The continuous casting process begins with the smelting of the required alloys, after being analyzed, adjusted and having reached a suitable temperature. Alloys are then poured into a preheated oven and the metal production process begins.

Design & Manufacture of Smelting Furnaces

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. manufactures maximum efficiency metal smelting furnaces for the production of bars, bushings, hubs, strips, billets and generally any requested design of nonferrous metals, such as brass, copper and aluminum. Furnaces are of easy maintenance with the ability to select fuel or power type and dual temperature controls supporting the operation. Such smelters are comprised of special crucible or refractory materials and hydraulic dumps for the non ferrous material casting.

Design & Manufacture of Molds

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. designs and manufactures production injection molds using aluminum alloys that undergo rigorous heat treatments to guarantee product duration.

Design & Manufacture of Centrifugal Equipment

TECNIKA SARAY S.A. manufactures centrifugal equipment for the manufacture of bushings, bars, hubs, strips, billets and generally any requested design of nonferrous metals such as brass, copper and aluminum and is capable of meeting a wide range of requirements of the metalworking industry in the field of non-ferrous metals. Customers have to simply select the outer diameter of the hub and the amount of pore free metals for the inner diameter.


TECNIKA SARAY S.A. is equipped with specialized equipment, such as cold room machinery, lathes, MIG welders, welding electrode machinery and other types of metalworking machinery.

Customer Feedback

Customer suggestions and complaints provided to a company are an important resource for improving and addressing the needs and wants of the customer. This is why TECNIKA SARAY S.A. provides customer feedback by receiving customer complaints and suggestions and taking preventive and corrective actions.

Tecnika Saray S.A.

  • Km 1.6 via Cali Cavasa callejón del silencio, bodegas, Super #18, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 435 9571, +57 2 435 9572
  • +57 2 485 3713
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