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AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA, is a company founded in 1972 in Bogota, Colombia with more than 39 years of experience in the rubber sector. The Company specializes in the design and development of vulcanized rubber and rubber compound products, brake parts for the aftermarket, faucet gaskets, oil filter gaskets, o-rings, fuel filter gaskets, as well as sewerage and aqueduct gaskets with commitment towards its customers.


AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA is recognized in Latin America and Colombia for its high quality rubber products that comply with the standards set by the industry.


The Company has as a vision to be a leader in Colombia in the manufacture and marketing of rubber products and spare parts for motorcycle brakes.


  • Quality,
  • Loyalty,
  • Honesty,
  • Compliance.
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Contact info #1

Claudia Pelaez
+57 1 780 1094 Ext: 104
International Sales VP
+57 1 779 0101
Cra. 76 No 57R - 75 Sur, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Special Developments

AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA has the capability to develop custom made products that meet customers’ needs and requirements. The Company’s design department has the necessary experience and technology tools to ensure the precision and accuracy of the final product.

Rubber Compound Mixing

AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA provides rubber compound mixing services for the development of special rubber compounds or the mixing of compounds according to customers’ technical requirements. The Company has its own rubber mixing plant, which prevents pollution from entering the main structure or from getting outside the production area.

Injection Molding Services

AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA offers injection molding services for rubber or polymer materials in full compliance with customers' requirements.

Brake Parts

The Company manufactures brake parts, such as:

  • Double seals for hydraulic disc brakes,
  • Brake cylinder rubber cups,
  • Master cylinder repair kits,
  • Disc brake boots,
  • Disc brake boots for exports with metal reinforcement,
  • Wheel cylinder boots,
  • Special brake parts,
  • Booster kits.

Faucet Gaskets

These rubber gaskets are developed based on customers’ drawings and are ideal for sinks and toilets in domestic environments. The rubber compound utilised depends on the environment in which the product will be placed.

Aqueduct and Sewerage Gaskets

These rubber gaskets are developed based on customers' drawings and requirements and are used in water supply systems, aqueducts or sanitary sewers systems. They can be also used in drinking water, as well as high or low pressure systems. The rubber compound utilised may vary according to the environment in which the product will be placed.

Filter Gaskets

AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA has the capability to manufacture oil, air, fuel and water gaskets for motor vehicles and machinery according to clients’ specifications and requirements. The rubber compounds utilised vary according to the use for which they are intended.

Other Products

AMERICAN RUBBER DE COLOMBIA also manufactures other products such as:

  • O-rings
  • Joint Boots
  • Anti Squeal Disc Braking Devices

American Rubber De Colombia Ltda.

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