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Project Management International Systems (PMI), since its finding in 1998 in Kuwait, has gained a reputation for providing the highest level of professional Project Management services in Kuwait and the Middle East. Since then, through innovation, earning the highest respect from an impressive roster of clients and entering into several important strategic alliances, the firm has been propelled into the international marketplace. Proof of PMI abilities can be seen from the fact that the firm has successfully completed 15 projects while growing at a rate of 20%. PMI continues to grow and now operates in Kuwait, USA, Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt and the Arab Republic of Syria.

Today, PMI is proud to be considered one of the most prominent and most successful Project Management firms in the Kuwait. This expertise and deep understanding of local and regional conditions ensure that PMI clients realize projects that are not only completed on time and within budget, but also function in a professional manner.

PMI offers and full spectrum of professional services that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality. In Addition, PMI provides value Engineering, cost estimating services and claim prevention systems.


PMI vision is to be an example for competitive and creative project management.


Mission at PMI is to provide the highest quality program, project and construction management services to both public and private sector clients to help them achieve the goals of their construction program in an ethical, creative and cost efficient manner.


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Ramzi Rizkallah
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Floor 13, Flex Tower, Istiklal Street, Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait

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Dana Omar Khairi
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Operations Manager
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The concept of Project Management is a proven method, which combines the project phases of pre-design, design, tender, construction and occupancy into a series of tightly integrated tasks. This will frequently bring together the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager in an interactive relationship and will allow the Owner to participate in the construction process. With the tendency now towards Design Build and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) schemes of construction, there may be many partners and participants. PMI has the experience and expertise to ensure that a smooth operating link is formed so as not to impede the progress of the project as can so often happen.

In addition to the traditional design and construct, with one general contractor approach, there is the option of the fast-tracked, multi-packaged approach. Fast tracking allows for the acceleration of the project duration by the overlapping of the design and construction activities. Whichever method is appropriate for a particular project, PMI has the experience to ensure the delivery of a project that is on time and within budget.


To deliver an operational project that meets expectations while providing an Owner with the targeted financial returns, in the shortest possible time.

  • Pre-design Management
  • Design Management
  • Tender Management
  • Construction Management
  • Post-Construction Management
  • Specialized Technical Services


Pre-design management establishes organization procedures, sets goals, and defines scope of work. It produces the project baseline budget and the project master schedule. To realize optimum results that ensure quality, cost and time savings during the very early phases of the project life cycle, PMI offers the following services:

  • Development of Program Definition and Enhancement
  • Drafting of Agreements and Contracts
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies
  • Recommendation for Selection of Project Site
  • Preparation of Cost Estimating & Budget Allocation
  • Preparation of Master Schedule
  • Preparation of Financing Analysis
  • Evaluation of Architecture & Engineering Firms
  • Evaluation and Coordination of Design Proposals
  • Evaluation and Coordination of Design Competitions
  • Recommendation for Selection of Design Firm
  • Development of Computer Modeling
  • Assistance in Approvals and Contract Award


During the Design phase, which is the most critical phase for properly planning a successful project, PMI provides essential input regarding implementation of value engineering; cost effective systems and materials; scheduling; quality of the design documents and drawings; design review; design schedule management; and budget monitoring & control.

PMI ensures that the design matches the owner's original intent, program and budget, and that it conforms to the following key principles:

  • Valid design criteria and justifiable assumptions
  • Compliance with requirements from the statutory authorities
  • Compliance with applicable codes and regulations
  • Accuracy of design and full coordination among documents
  • Completeness of contractual requirements of the Terms of Reference and Design Contract Agreement
  • Implementation of cost effective systems and materials
  • Realization of highest possible standards of production


PMI ensures that the bid documents and the construction schedule are explicit and complete.

PMI conducts pre-bid conference with all prospective bidders to respond to and clarify their queries. The better the bidders understand the documents, the more precise and often lower, their bids will be. PMI also assists owners in bid evaluation and analysis, and contract award.



Construction management is carried out by a specialized team of engineers who will oversee all the construction activities on site, and ensure that the works are executed in accordance with the approved estimated budget and time schedule.

This is accomplished through precise coordination of project resources, mainly labor, equipment, materials, and technical expertise.

PMI provides the following construction management services:

  • Administers Progress Meetings
  • Provides Procedures Manual
  • Prepares Safety Program
  • Coordinates Pre-construction Meetings
  • Provides Contract Administration
  • Assists with Permits, Licenses, Bonding and Insurance
  • Prepares Document Control System
  • Provides Claims Evaluation
  • Prepares Project Scheduling
  • Provides Project Accounting and Quality Control
  • Assists with Variation Orders
  • Provides Supervision and Inspections
  • Processes Payments
  • Coordinates Commissioning and Turnover
  • Prepares Project Records, Occupancy Schedule and Snag List
  • Provides Project Reporting
  • Assists with Certificate of Occupancy
  • Coordinates Warranties
  • Administers Operations and Maintenance
  • Prepares Final Accounting
  • Coordinates Move In process


Post-construction management, commencing upon final completion of construction, deals with commissioning, operation, maintenance, and preparation for occupancy of the completed facility.

Post-construction management, often overlooked by an owner, leads to successful handing over of the facility, and ensures smooth operation and trouble-free occupancy.

To accomplish this, PMI offers the following services:

  • Obtaining Required Permits for Project Commissioning
  • Start-Up Assistance
  • Move-In Assistance
  • Warranty Review
  • Record Drawing Management
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning
  • Operational Training
  • Facility Management
  • Property Management


Clients are more and more realizing the importance of management technologies, and the cost and quality benefits derived from integrating them within the Project management Plan.

PMI offers its clients, among other management technologies, the following:

  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Claims Management Resolution
  • Arbitration

Our broad experience, commitment and results-driven goals has positioned PMI as a leader in the industry with the requisite expertise and resources necessary to successfully manage a broad range of projects in numerous industries and of any size and complexity.


Value Engineering is a continuous review and refinement process of design and specifications, which augments the design efforts from initial concept up to the issuance of the last construction variation. It is normal that the integration of a Value Engineering program will result in a project savings of 5% to 15%, and in a functional design that is constructible within budget.

Utilizing a systematic approach, which identifies and provides the required functions of a project at the lowest possible cost, keeping the design intent unchanged, which will result in the following:

  • Savings on construction costs
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Applicable codes and regulations
  • Improved operational performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Identification of risks and mitigation strategies

Scope of Services

Ongoing Regular Value Engineering
At the beginning of a project, a VE analysis is performed to ensure the design consultant operates within overall cost constraints and provides maximum efficiency. The components of this analysis would include:

  • Examine potential cost benefits of special studies
  • Review progress drawings
  • Comment on progress drawings
  • Work with A/E to make adjustments to maintain overall budget
  • Conduct cost, time and efficiency studies
  • Analysis of high cost and problematical elements
  • Incorporate operational and conservation issues into the early design process

VE Workshops
VE Workshops are conducted using a multi-disciplined team approach, which includes such professionals as architectural, structural, civil, and mechanical, and electrical engineers as deemed relevant for the disciplines being studied. This structure allows for the involvement of the Owner, Design Consultant and Construction Manager. The team approach used for VE studies are comprised of three specific phases:

  • A-Pre-Study Preparation Phase
  • B-VE Study Phase
  • C-Post VE Study Phase


To better plan and control a complex project, it has to be divided into smaller yet integrated parts that become easier to plan, monitor and control.  Better control of the whole is achieved through control of the components, which are referred to as work packages, activities or tasks.  Project Control Systems (PCS) allow project managers to set initial plans and objectives, while allowing them to consequently monitor and control plans and objectives.

PCS applies a verification process that compares plans against actual accomplishments during each phase of the project cycle.  Reports that delineate deviations are generated which allow management to identify causes and react accordingly and to make forecasts such as fiscal requirements and projected progress or completions.

Scope of Services
PMI’s sophisticated Project Control Systems provide the following invaluable reporting components to assist the project manager:

Time/Resource Control

  • Milestones Achievement Tracer
  • Summary Master Schedule
  • Project’s Delivery Critical Paths
  • Project Progress S-Curve
  • Look Ahead Schedules
  • Cost Loaded Payment Valuation Report
  • Resource Management
  • Procurent Management

Cost Control

  • Project Buy-Out Report
  • Contracts and Purchase Orders Control Report
  • Payment Requisition Log

Contract Control

  • Over Due Submittal Log
  • Trace Issue Report
  • Ball In Court Report
  • Pending Requests and Changes
  • Punch List by Contractor
  • Bonds and Insurance Log


The least costly method of avoiding claims and resolving disputes is to institute an effective claims management program well in advance of construction. PMI works closely with clients to ensure that risks are fully understood and associated costs are completely determined. Our extensive experience insures that the client is fully aware of implications associated with sharing, shifting, and controlling those risks that cannot be totally prevented. PMI works side-by-side with the client and his staff to recognize and resolve possible disputes early on when costs and difficulties associated with changes is minimal.

Even with the best of claims avoidance strategies, disputes will occur. Projects will frequently fall far behind schedule, significant unexpected costs are incurred and claims will proliferate. Because of our strong reputation, PMI is frequently retained, both during and after construction, to deal with claims avoidance and development of dispute resolution tactics.

Scope of Services

PMI uses the experience from the resolution of a multitude of major claims to assist its clients and their respective counsel by:

Determining Liability
Identification, analysis and evaluation of the factual and contractual issues to determine liability.

Establishing Causation
Performing delay, acceleration and productivity analyses to determine the effect of the action or inaction of the responsible parties on time and cost (causation).

Calculating Damages
Determine the monetary cost of damages resulting from the contractors or designer's actions and inactions and whether these damages are reasonable, allowable, provable, and recoverable.

Resolving Claims
Based upon its proven track record, PMI will participate in any negotiations, arbitration, litigation, or administrative hearings necessary to develop and satisfy resolution to claims.

Spent Catalyst Plant - PROJECT

Spent Catalyst Plant Project
Location: Kuwait
Cost: KD 34,000,000
Project: 2011
Completion: 2014
Scope of Work: Project Management Services
Construction Management Services
Scheduling & Cost Control Services
General Consultancy


New Public Health Department Buldings - PROJECT

New Public Health Department Buldings
Location: Kuwait, Al Sabah Area
Cost: KD 16,000,000
Project: 2010
Completion: 2012
Scope of Work: Project Management
Construction Management
General Consultancy
Scheduling & Cost Control Services


KLLT Slaughter House - PROJECT

KLLT Slaughter House
Location: Kuwait,
Cost: KD 6,000,000
Project: 2011
Completion: 2013
Scope of Work: Pre-Construction Management
Construction Management
General Consultancy
Value Engineering


Awqaf High Rise Towers - PROJECT

Awqaf High Rise Towers
Location: Kuwait, Kuwait
Cost: KD 46,000,000
Project: 2008?2010
Completion: On going
Scope of Work: Pre?Design Management
Feasibility Studies
Design Management/Design Review
Construction Management Services
Scheduling & Cost Control Services
Value Engineering


Project Management International Systems (PMI)

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  • +965 22630939
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