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Founded in 1982 by a group of academicians, Educational Holding Group (edu) was the first private educational investments organization in Kuwait. The academicians’ vision was to build a web of networks that was aimed at building and shaping up contemporary education. The group has grown manifold with a portfolio that covers the entire educational life-cycle, ranging from K-12, tertiary education and vocational training and development.

Educational Holding Group also recognizes the growing demand and importance of serving students having special needs. The group, therefore, expanded its portfolio to accommodate students having special needs and made it a commitment to secure complete participation and development of special-needs students. To this end, Educational Holding Group’s network(s) actively produce knowledge and technical know-how to foster sustainable economic growth in the Middle Eastern and North African Region (MENA). Also, with its in-depth experience in the industry, the group recognizes the emerging markets in East-Asia. Therefore, the group extended its portfolio to include educational investments in countries like India and China to assist them in securing educational for all.

Educational Holding Group stands today as the largest private education group in the region. Through its heritage, the group has stressed on tight quality control in all its education systems so that among others, the group produces skilled minds that are required to make development sustainable. To achieve this requirement, the group’s investments align their educational content and structure to match the new demands of the global market, knowledge economy and information technology. Educational Holding Group prioritizes the sustainable development of human capital, as well as; and equally as important, the group strives to continuously enhance its shareholder value.


To build a secure network of solid educational investments that is committed to developing intellectual capital and enhancing economic growth.


To generate financial returns that will expand edu’s subsidiaries’ market share and vertical growth by implementing the most efficient operations, planning methodologies and quality assurance measures.


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Imran Abdul Wahab Rumani
+965 2 240 7048
Senior Manager - Business Development
+965 2 240 7048
3rd Floor of Chamber of Commerce Building in Hayat corp Office, Kuwait

Educational Holding Group (edu)

  • Abraj complex, tower B, 8th Floor, Al-Othman St. Hawally, Safat P.O. Box 27215 , Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2228 6770
  • +965 22463824
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