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Ebdah Askar Al-Harbash Group, consists of industrial and trading companies within the state of Kuwait and abroad. The Group started their commercial activity since 1984 with Wataniya Co. with 30 employees, and since then the company has been expanding and diversifying. The Group now has a wide range of exciting activities and companies and is employing over 400 employees.

Since inception the Group set its strategy to expand in the GCC markets, and later also to the Arab world inclusive of the Asian and African markets to export its products and provide its distinguished services.

Word of Chairman

“The 1000 mile journey starts with a step. The biggest companies started small and some had grown to empires with the efforts of its founders and their success. One should not be limited to owning the keys of success, it’s important to grab the right time and place to use them”.


Group's mission is to improve the quality of life of its customers. By providing directly to them with a vast range of excellent yet affordable consumer and commercial products and services. Also, indirectly by participating in community service projects.


The Group maintains a high reputation both in Kuwait and overseas. Its business practices adhere to the strictest ethical standards. While the group is constantly looking for new ways to do business, chooses the products and services is offering for the benefits they can provide to its customers.

Though customers are its prime focus, the Group values its employees as its greatest asset and ensures through careful training and nurturing, that their lives are enriched and that they provide customer service at the highest standards. The Groups corporate values are expressed in its motto.


Group's Commitment

The Group is committed to serve the communities where it serves, to provide its customers with innovative, high-quality products and services and to protect the health of its workers and its environment, through ethical business practices and good governance.

Ebdah Askar Al-Harbash Group

  • P.O. Box: 27045 Safat, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • +965 2 467 5222
  • +965 2 467 8770 
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