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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

SERRANO PRADA LTDA., is a consulting firm located in the city of Villavicencio that specializes in the area of information technology. The Company has an experience of over 18 years in the areas of computing and communications in the region, offering high quality telematics, network wiring and communications solutions, as well as technical advice and representation services to its customers.


The Company provides its customers with advanced information and communication services generating financial growth with the help of a qualified engineering team that has succeeded in positioning the Company as a leader in the provision of IT and communications solutions in the region.


In the short term, SERRANO PRADA LTDA. aims to be recognized as the leading Information Technology and communications company in strategic alliance with its customers and suppliers and with national coverage.

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Contact info #1

Pablo Vicente Serrano Diaz
+57 8 670 3202 +57 8 663 8890
Project Manager
Calle 12B 47D-37, Piso 3, Esperanza I Etapa, Villavicencio, Colombia

Consulting Services

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. offers consulting services to its customers in relation to Information Technology and communications aspects (e.g. implementation of fiber optics and cabling certifications, etc.).

Technical Support Services

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. offers technical support services to its customers, such as installation and maintenance of computers, air conditioners, data centers, wireless networks, etc. maintaining a high level of after sales services and support.

Representation Services

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. offers representation services in Colombia related to Information Technology and Communications products/solutions.

Information Technology & Communications Solutions

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. integrates and sells high quality information technology and communication solutions, such as:

  • Data centers,
  • IP Voice systems,
  • Structured cabling systems,
  • Wireless network systems,
  • PCs and related equipment (of the brands Microsoft, Genius, Intel, Lenovo, AMD, Samsung, Acer, Canon, Toshiba, EPSON, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Gateway, Logitech, Kingston, etc.),
  • Air Conditioners,
  • CCTV systems.

Qualified Personnel

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. employs a qualified workforce, consisting of systems engineers and network technicians among others, with a full knowledge of the subject matter and postgraduate qualifications, as well as and extensive experience in the IT and computing sectors.

SERRANO PRADA LTDA. is recognized as a Cisco select certified partner and its employees have received certifications with respect to:

  • D-Support Networking (D-Link),
  • Dot matrix printers (Epson),
  • Design, installation and administration of cabling systems (Siemon),
  • Speed dome cameras (Quaddrix).

CCTV Systems – Structured Cabling Systems – Customers

• DirecTV,
• Hotel Campestre la Potra,
• Gravicon,
• Mantenimiento y Controles de Llano E.U.,
• Gobernacion del Meta,
• Crediflores – Bogota,
• Cardioriente LTDA.,
• Friogan S.A. – Plante Villavicencio,
• Sodimac – Home Center,
• Escuela De Carabineros Eduardo Cuervas,
• Cooperativa Congente,
• DANE Seccional Meta,
• Hotel Campestre El Campanario,
• Contraloría Departamental del Meta,
• Coopetrol.


Supply of Air Conditioners – Customers

• Aluminio y Herrajes,
• Fenalco Meta,
• Hupecol,
• Aeurpia,
• Halliburton,
• Crediflores,
• Agroperuaria Santamaria,
• Cardioriente,
• Coopetrol,
• Tempoempresa,
• Circulo de Viajes Universal,
• Edificio Taira,
• Friogan,
• Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi,
• Tuxstone Technologies.


Computer Equipment & Technical Support – Customers

• Serviacoples,
• Acueducto y alcantarillado Vcio,
• Agroperuaria La Gloria,
• Agroperuaria Santa Maria,
• Agricolas Romero Latorre,
• Banco Comercial AVVillas,
• Bioagricola del llano,
• Camara de Comercio de Villavicencio,
• Cardioriente LTDA.,
• CDA – Segura,
• Circular Florencia LTDA.,
• Circulo de viajes Universal,
• Coasmedas,
• Cofrem,
• Colsanitas,
• Comercializadora Ofi-Servi,
• Congente,
• Coopedac LTDA.,
• Cordepaz,
• Corpoica,
• Corporacion Batuta,
• Distribuciones Topalxe,
• Electrificadora del Meta,
• Fenalco Meta,
• Ferreteria Cyrgo,
• Friogan S.A.,
• Gaseosas del Llano,
• Grupo Coandes LTDA.,
• Industria Nacional de gaseosas,
• Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi,
• Hotel Campestre El Campanario,
• La Sabana Centro Comercial,
• Mantenimiento y Controles del Llano,
• Mazda Camperos,
• Montajes Tecnicos Zambrano y Vargas LTDA.,
• Movilgas LTDA.,
• Over Proturismo,
• Palmar del Llano,
• Policia Nacional,
• Pulpetrol,
• Promotora del Llano,
• Serprotec,
• Tempoempresa,
• Transportes N.G.,
• Yokomotos.


Serrano Prada Ltda.

  • Calle 12B 47D 37 Piso 3 Esperanza I Etapa, Villavicencio, Colombia
  • +57 8 670 3202 
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