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Excellent Brain is an innovative start-up that develops advanced brain technologies including Neurofeedback solutions. The company was established in 2015 by Ofer A. Lidsky, a leading entrepreneur.

Excellent Brain's current developed products are:

1. Excellent Brain Neurofeedback Platform – A cutting edge, innovative, Neurofeedback platform that enables home users to train in their home using the advanced NF technology.

2. Excellent Brain EEG Recorder – A research tool for recording a person's EEG signals into an external file for analysis.

3. Excellent Brain EEG Displayer – A free tool for displaying and monitoring EEG signals.

4. Excellent Brain – In The Zone – Line of Products – An advanced NF training solution designed for:

a. Homeland Security – For the shooting range

b. Sports:

i. Basketball

ii. Golf

iii. Snooker

c. Decision making for managers

The company is now developing the next generation of signal processing algorithms which will soon introduce new ways of working with EEG devices.

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Excellent Brain Ltd.

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