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  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Weapons & Ammunition

The “Almaz-Antey” Concern, Joint-stock Company was established in 2002 by uniting 46 enterprises, including factories, research and production organizations, design bureaus, and research and development institutes involved in the development and manufacture of short-, medium-, and long-range air defense missile systems, the main types of radar surveillance systems, and automated control systems.

In 2007, the Concern was expanded and now includes over sixty enterprises in seventeen Russian regions, and employs over 94,000 people.


Product lifecycle management within the Concern’s main area of operations: the development, production, retrofitting, servicing, overhaul, and disposal of air defense missile systems (complexes) and their components, radar systems, radar equipment, arms control systems, and other military, dual-use, and civil products.

Supplying products, work, and services for the State Defense Order and export contracts, and to meet other contractual obligations.

Foreign trade in approved arms, military equipment, work, services, intellectual deliverables, and other military, dual-use, and civil products; and other independent foreign trade activities in compliance with current legislation.

The development and implementation of research, technical, and innovation programs.

The retrofitting of existing and construction of new production facilities.

Organizing work related to marketing, advertising, and exhibitions.


Air defense missile systems and complexes


Long-range: S-300PMU2 “Favorit” Air Defense Missile System (ADMS); S-300VM (“Antey-2500”) ADMS

Medium-range:“Buk-M1-2” Air Defense Missile Complex (ADMC); “Buk-M2E” ADMC; S-125-2A “Pechora-2A” ADMC

Short-range: “Osa-AKM” ADMC; “Tor-M1” ADMC “Tor-M2E” ADMC


Long-range: “Rif-M” ADMS

Medium-range: “Shtil-1” ADMC

Short-range: Klinok” ADMC; 3M-47 “Ghibka” Turret System

Radar stations

Air surveillance radar stations: Gamma-DE” (67N6E) Radar System; “Nebo-SVU” (1L119) Radar System; “Protivnik-GE” Radar System; “Gamma-S1E” (64L6E) Radar System; “Gazetchik-E” (34Ya6E) Radar Defense System; “Nebo-UE” (55Zh6UE) Radar System; “Kasta-2E2” (39N6E) Radar System; 1L122E Radar System; 96L6E Radar System.

Ground surveillance radar stations: “Fara-PV” Radar System; “Kredo-M1” Radar System; “Aistenok” Radar System; “Zoopark-1” Radar Complex

Automated control systems

73N6ME “Baikal-1ME” Automatic Control System (ACS); PPRU-M1 (PPRU-M1-2); “Fundament” Automation Facilities Sets; “Universal-1E” Automation Facilities Set; “Krym–KTE”, “Krym–KE” Automation Facilities Set.

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