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C2Tech is a solution provider in information technologies that has brought together specialists with experience and qualified infrastructure in the areas of: Modelling and Simulation; Satellite Communication; Network Packet Processing and Cyber Defense; Video Streaming; Enterprise Network and Security Solutions.

C2Tech has resources and capabilities in: Custom embedded systems design, development and testing; Enterprise software design, development, testing and deployment.

The company is compliant with international quality and configuration management standards like ISO 9001:2000, IEEE 12207, MIL-STD 973 and CMMI.

Their embedded system capabilities include: Signal processing for modulation-demodulation, coding-decoding and other applications for various domains such as data, video, audio etc.; Embedded software development in compliance with ISO IEC 12207 software development life cycle; Analog circuit design, DSP and FPGA based digital systems development as well as IF/RF design in compliance with EMC/EMI standards.

Modeling and Simulation

In this area, the company’s experience covers: M&S development paradigms (event based, discrete time, continuous, constructive, man–in-the loop); Distributed simulation technologies (HLA, DIS); Simulation data analysis and optimization; Decision support modelling; Battlefield management modelling; Resource planning and optimization; Radar systems modelling and simulation; Voice and communication modelling and simulation.

Command and Control

The name of the company C2Tech was originally inspired by its proficiency in C2 (command-control) concepts. C2Tech engineers are conducting several R&D based projects in the areas of data and information fusion, advanced display concepts and decision support tools. Although C2 is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary concept, C2Tech’s experience covers the following areas: Decision Support Systems; Knowledge based information fusion engine; Simulation based decision support systems; Radar signal generation and analysis; Artificial intelligence and knowledge based decision support systems; Geospatial intelligence data processing and visualization.

Satellite Communication

C2Tech’s background in satellite communication field spans a range of state-of-the art military and commercial SATCOM systems. Besides point-to-point data communication and broadcasting services, NATO compliant secure satellite modem systems are amongst C2Tech SATCOM solutions. Capabilities of such secure systems include: Single / Multi channel option EPM / Non-EPM waveforms; NATO / National cryptographic algorithm for TRANSEC / NETSEC protection; Mesh communication network with centralized management.

Broadcast, Video Coding and Streaming

C2Tech has a strong experience on video coding (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 etc) schemes, transport (bonding) protocols and error correction mechanism for video streaming over heterogeneous networks such as 3G/4G mobile, IP ones. These technologies are used as main blocks to develop professional broadcasting products by using state of the art electronic components.


C2Tech’s Signal processing capability starts from algorithmic design and simulation study. It then reaches implementation level in real-time by terms of HW&SW. DSPs and FPGAs are used on an implementation of signal processing blocks. C2Tech has off-the-shelf signal processing library in terms of C and VHDL in the following areas: STANAG 4285 HF Modem; ITU V Series cable modem modulation and demodulation; Modulation and Demodulation (QAM, QPSK, PSK); SATCOM Modem; Speech and Voice Coding; Speech processing (Noise pre-processor etc.); Tone Detection and generation; Echo cancelling; Video coding; VOIP protocols; SCIP ve FNBDT protocols.

Embedded Design

The company’s embedded system capabilities have strong background as follows: Hardware & software co-design capability; Analog and digital electronic circuit design, DSP and FPGA based digital systems development as well as IF/RF design in compliance with EMC/EMI standards; Embedded software development in compliance with ISO IEC 12207 software development life cycle; Using an embedded real time OS (such as Linux) for ARM etc computing platforms; VHDL development capability for Xilinx, Actel, Altera FPGAs; Embedded software development for TI, ADI DSPs and ARM processors; TEMPEST design capability; Advanced PCB design up to 20 layers by using novel electronic design software.

Deep Packet Inspection

C2Tech has experience on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Network Intelligence (NI) technology which is currently being used by the enterprise, service providers and governments in a wide range of applications. With the massive growth in data, the collection and analysis of the Internet communications of millions of users simultaneously are more complex and time/processing power consuming. To overcome this issue, DPI allows high speed content inspection of Internet traffic. C2Tech has ATCA (Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture) based DPI solutions with high performance packet processing technology. Some of Potential DPI Based Applications areas are: Lawful Interception; Cyber Defense; Content Filtering; Behavioural Advertising; Software Development.

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