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  • Ballistic Protection
  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing
  • Weapons & Ammunition

CADDIN EQUIPOS MILITARES is a Peruvian company with almost 30 years of experience in the national and international market and the manufacture of bulletproof vests with different levels of protection that have been certified by the United States’ National Institute of Justice (NIJ). The Company is also dedicated to the marketing of a wide variety of security solutions, ranging from ammunition to metal detection equipment and high sensitivity X-ray imaging systems for airport use.

Another division of CADDIN is dedicated in the marketing of small caliber weapons, telemetry equipment and night vision devices. The Company is currently representing the Swiss Vectronix, manufacturer of robust observation solutions, such as rangefinders, image intensifiers, thermal systems, binoculars, monoculars and other equipment for military use.

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Caddin Equipos Militares

  • Av. Las Artes N° 1014 Esq. Av. San Luis, Altura cuadra 27/28 Av. Javier Prado Este, Lima, Peru
  • +51 1346 1622, +51 134 61949
  • +51 134 61573
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