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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • CBRN Equipment
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing
  • Training & Simulation
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Established in 1990 by Mr. Tomer Avnon, TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd. specializes in the sales and distribution of defense systems and equipment to the Israeli Government and the international community. TAR represents some of the most respected and well established companies in the global defense and security industry.

TAR's staff members have extensive military backgrounds including several field and operational commands.

Among TAR's board of directors are some of the leading names in the Israeli defense establishment, including: Mr. Shlomo Aharonishki, High Commissioner (Ret.) Former Chief of the Israeli National Police; Mr. Yiftah Ron-Tal, Major General (Ret.) Former Chief of the Israeli Army; Mr. Chaim Adar - former MOD Procurement Director and head of the Defense Ministry's New York Delegation, proudly served as a member of TAR's board until 2006.

TAR is a client oriented company divided into four main marketing divisions:

  • The Israeli MOD Division
  • The Israeli Police and Prisons Division
  • The International Division
  • The Defense Academy / Training Division

TAR's staff has been specially trained in all aspects of Anti/Counter-Terrorism, Riot Control, K9 - Dogs Training and Solutions, Homeland Security, NBC, Defense Academy, Ballistics and Ground Forces Personal Gear. They are also professional in working under tight schedules and challenging deadlines.

In order to meet and exceed the wide-ranging demands of its clients, TAR has become a One-Stop-Shop focused on surpassing its client's expectations by providing full package deal solutions in various fields.

TAR provides equipment and training in the fields of:

  • Counter-Terrorism.
  • Bulletproof and Ballistic Protection.
  • Riot & Crowd Control.
  • Ground Forces & Tactical Gear.
  • Weapons and Ammunition.
  • K9: Attack, Drug Detection, Explosive Detection, Search and Rescue.
  • Intelligence Gathering.
  • EOD-IED.
  • CBRN
  • Homeland Security.
  • Rappelling.
  • S.W.A.T.

Defense and Training Academy

Advanced Global Training
Provides consulting services and specialized security training for teams deployed in high-risk environments.
Advanced risk assessments provide practical solutions to even the most complicated security situations.
Operating within a global sphere, AGT establishes new training sites according to client’s demand, wherever and whenever needed. AGT’s dedicated in country training models are designed to remain flexible, in accordance with the operational timetables of customers’ organization.

AGT 's expertise covers all aspects of:
• Personal Protection
• Risk Assessment
• NBC Preparedness
• Contingency Planning
• Corporate Security, High-Risk Security and Specialist Training
• Airport & Sea Port Security

Specialized Training
Security teams deployed in any high-risk security environment require specialized training dedicated to a variety of unique challenges. AGT provides site-specific training to meet these existing and evolving challenges.
AGT’s special training distinguishes itself by emphasizing both tactical and soft skills. Each course’s curriculum is specifically designed to meet the exclusive needs of customer’s security teams.

Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning
Assessing the risks and threats organizations are facing on a daily basis enhances their efficiency and effectiveness. Whether it is expanding operations under hostile conditions, or conducting internal security evaluations, AGT will identify and assess threats and implement proactive training measures in order to negate potential threats. All this can be accomplished without disrupting the continuity of normal work schedules.

AGT’s Professional and dedicated management team will work proactively to provide clients with a multifaceted array of consulting services. The core staff is comprised of instructors with multi-national military backgrounds who specialize in weapons usage (including sharp-shooting), tactics, special operations and analysis.

Counter & Anti-Terror

• Transportation
• Special Devices
• Robotics
• Day Optics
• Night Optics
• Communication
• Observation System
• Weapons
• Sniping
• Ammunition
• Breaching
• Weapons Accessories
• Rappelling
• Ladders
• Illumination
• Tents
• Personal Gear
• Training Academy

Riot Control

• Protective Equipment
• Illumination
• Personal Gear
• Weapons & sights
• Ammunition
• Unit Accessories
• Riot Control Vehicles

Ground Forces

• Camp Tents
• Transportation
• Logistics
• Parachuting
• Ground Forces - K9 Dogs
• Uniforms & Camouflage
• Extreme Weather
• Vests & Ballistics
• Weapons
• Sniping
• Optics - Day & Night
• Rucksacks & Duffel Bags
• Field Gear
• Illumination
• Ammunition
• Communication
• Personal Equipment
• Clothing & Footwear
• Headgear
• Weapon Accessories

Home Land Security

• Access Control
• Weapon Accessories
• Optics
• Unit Accessories
• Special Devices
• Illumination
• Communication Accessories
• Personal Equipment
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Clothing
• Boots & Shoes
• Breaching Equipment
• Vehicles

K9 - Dogs

• Trained Dogs
• Equipment for Training and Working
• Handler Gear

Nuclear Biological Chemical

• Detection & Identification
• Decontamination & Treatment
• Tents & Shelters
• Personal Breathing Systems
• Protective Clothing
• Protective Masks & Personal Gear
• Ventilation & Filtration Systems
• Illumination
• Medical & Rescue Equipment


• Vests
• Helmets
• Vehicles

TAR Ideal Concepts Ltd.

  • 5 Ma'avar Yabok St., 67440 , Tel Aviv, Israel
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