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CHINA SHIPBUILDING TRADING CO., LTD. (CSTC) was founded in 1982, with the aim to introduce the Chinese shipbuilding industry to the world.

Since then, CSTC has been an active participant to the global naval market, becoming a more powerful organization through competition at an international level. Today, CSTC is more than just the powerful trading company of the Chinese maritime industry; it has become a bridge between the industry and the global market.

CSTC’s highly professional and committed professionals, together with an extensive communication network and local presence across the world, ensures the delivery of high quality services to its customers at home and abroad.

CSTC’s flexibility is one of its key assets in fulfilling individual customers’ requirements, offering an extensive range of products and services, including the most demanding ones. The main business sectors of the Company are civil/merchant ships, naval products, the purchase of technology, equipment and materials, marine equipment and materials, international contracting activities.

Nowadays, in order to be more responsive to the highly competitive environment, CSTC has established a modern global marketing and purchasing platform by integrating resources with shipyards of high international reputation. These strategy put CSTC in a position to contribute to more profitable operations by providing technically and economically optimal solutions and services.

Thanks to the development of the Chinese shipbuilding industry and the Company’s exceptional capabilities and commitment to excellence, CSTC is well placed to meet the future challenges in the market.

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China Shipbuilding Trading Co. Ltd (CSTC)

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