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COLMAR is one of the leading manufacturers of Multi Leaf Springs, Parabolic Springs and Air Linker Springs. COLMAR is the suppliers of many OEM industrial vehicles manufacturers with an annual capacity of 6.000Tons and 119 employees. The company has the following certifications: 1997 Certification ISO 9002; 2000 Certification QS 9000 and VDA 6.1; 2002 Certification ISO/TS 16949 version 2002.

Conventional Springs - Essential elements of the suspension of light-duty vehicles and trucks, the conventional leaf springs require high technical and rigorous know-how. COLMAR has a leaf springs production capacity of more than 7.000 tons these springs can be produced in 3 types, single, helper downside and helper upside.

Parabolic Springs - Essential element of the suspension of light vehicles and trucks, parabolic leaf springs are the leaf springs whose thicknesses change within a parabolic curve, they provide for the vehicle and for the driver the flexibility and comfort.

Air linker springs - Air linker springs are parabolic leaf springs used with air suspension systems; they have "Z" form composed by one or two leaves.

Accessories - COLMAR manufactures high quality center-bolts, bronze bushings, rubber bushing and U-bolts.

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