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Kalashnikov Concern is Russia’s largest manufacturer of automatic and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, and a wide range of civilian products, including hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machines, and tools. Kalashnikov Concern products can be found in 27 countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, and Thailand. Alexey Krivoruchko manages the company.

Military Weapons - From its foundation in 1807, the Izhevsk Factory has been supplying the Russian army with firearms and blade weapons. The Kalashnikov assault rifle is the company’s best known product, recognized as one of the best firearm of the 20th century, in service with the Russian military and law enforcers as well as the military of more than 100 other countries. In addition, the company provides sniper rifles to Russian Special Forces units, as well as manufacturing firearms for law enforcement agencies. The Concern manufactures military-use products under the Kalashnikov brand.

Hunting Firearms - Professional hunters and hunting aficionados alike use Saiga shotguns based on the Kalashnikov system, Tigr, Sobol, Los, Medved, Bars, and other carbines. The company offered hunters new versions of hunting shotguns – Los-10 and Los-11 in 2012. The company has also recently launched production of the Saiga-9 carbine (a civilian version of the Vityaz-SN submachine gun). The Concern manufactures hunting firearms under the Baikal brand.

Sporting Firearms - The Concern is a leading Russian manufacturer of sporting firearms and the only Russian producer of biathlon rifles. Working closely together with competitive marksmen, the company’s designers developed the Saiga-12 Mod. 340 sporting shotgun. Other countries also have a strong interest in this weapon. The Concern manufactures sporting and hunting firearms under the IZHMASH brand, supplying them to more than 20 countries around the world.

OJSC "Kalashnikov Concern" is the managing organization of the Holding company, which develops and manufactures advanced samples of weapons systems for military, civilian and sports purposes, including automatic small arms and ammunition equipment. The Holding, in its turn, is 51% owned by the Rostec State Corporation, which unites more than 700 organizations that form the basis of the technological and scientific potential of the Russian Federation. The remaining 49% is owned by private investors.

The military & law enforcement products list includes: Submachine gun «Vityaz-SN»; Sniper rifle SV-98; Sniper rifle SV-99; Assault rifle AK101; Assault rifle AK103; Assault rifle AK102; Assault rifles AK104; Saiga-12C EXP-01; Assault rifle AK74M; Assault rifle AK105; Dragunov sniper rifle SVD; Dragunov sniper rifle SVDS; Sniper rifle SVDM; 18,5 KS-K SHOTGUN; Grenade launcher GP-34; 9 mm Yarygin Pistol (PY); PM - 9 mm Makarov Pistol; PMM – 9 mm Makarov Pistol; PMM – 9 mm Makarov Pistol; PSM - 5,45 mm; MP-472 Pistol; MP – 71 Service Pistol; МР-471 Service pistol.

The civilian products list includes: Record 338; Record 7,62*54 sporting; Saiga MK; Saiga MK (03); Saiga 12 (340); Saiga 12K (030); Saiga 20K (04); Saiga 308-1 (45); Saiga 410K (04); Saiga 9; Saiga MK (107); Tiger (01); Tiger (05); Junker 4 (327); Junker 4 (439).

The high-precision projectiles and special weapons list includes: KITOLOV-2M; KRASNOPOL; 30 mm aircraft cannon GSh-301.

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