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  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics

Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC is an umbrella organization in the Russian shipbuilding industry specializing in the domains of informational systems and technologies, system engineering in the sphere of marine data computing equipment, electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic facilities, degaussing systems, fire control systems of sea-based cruise and ballistic missiles, combat information and control systems and integrated management systems for surface ships and submarines.

Key focus areas of Concern Morinformsystem-Agat JSC are development, production, warranty service, upgrading, repair and recycling of the following equipment: integrated multifunctional ship management systems; complex automation equipment for naval force management; naval missile and artillery control system; combat information and control systems for surface ships and submarines; shipborne automated countermine operations control systems; ship unified computing machines; ship- and shore-based multifunctional radar systems; combined weapon, fire alarm, ship and coastal missile system means; hydroacoustic systems.


3D Imaging Sonar - It is designed for 2D acoustic visualization of underwater objects during object searching and 3D acoustic visualization – during object identification.

POSITIV-ME1 and POSITIV-ME1.2 Active Radars - They are designed for plan scanning, detection and tracking of air and surface targets, output of target designation data to users.

MONOLIT-B Coastal Air and Surface Surveillance System - It is designed for early over-the-horizon detection and tracking of air and surface targets by means of integrated active and passive radar equipment.

CLUB-M Multi-Purpose Mobile Coastal Missile System - It is intended for engaging the following types of targets from the coast (up to 100 km from the coastline) under deliberate adversary countermeasures: surface ships of various types and classes (both single and in groups) - by anti-ship missiles (3М-54KE, 3М-54KE1); stationary objects on the enemy territory (administrative centers, weapon and fuel depots, force control centers, sea terminals, air-fields etc.) – by land-attack missiles (3М-14KE).

BAL-E Coastal Missile System – It is intended for control of strait zones and territorial waters; protection and combat sustainability of naval stations, maritime communication lines, coastal strategic units located in the dangerous areas subject to attacks of landing forces, as well as supremacy at sea within the missile engagement zone.

IMS Integrated Bridge System for Surface Ships and Vessels – It ensures automated control of a ship (vessel), navigational safety improvement and requires less crew members in operating and reduced number of electronic equipment on the navigational bridge.

PROVODNIK Small-Sized Digital Automatic Steersman - It is designed for steering the ship according to the given course, as well as performing safe passing dangerous objects and return to the given course.

Club-U Modular Missile System - It is intended for installation on a combat ship and ensures surface and land-based target engagement.

5P-10-03E Radar Control System - It is designated for optimal fire control of 30-100-mm naval artillery gun and 120-300-mm MLRS within the surface ship's area of operation to ensure air and missile defence mission execution, warfare against small enemy surface ships, coastal target engagement, surface and air surveillance.

PODBERYOZOVIK-ET2 Radar - It is designed for detection of air and surface targets and output of target designation data to firing units.

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