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Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC) was founded in 1969 with the goal of creating finely controlled simulated environments.

The first major product produced was a high-altitude, rapid decompression chamber for the United States Navy. This first chamber’s unique design and control system provided the base technology for the development of ETC’s distinctive product line. The first year of business generated $1.45 million in sales and solidified ETC as a publically traded company.


ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries provides a suite of products for military air and land forces. Training soldiers is always associated with high risk. By using our simulators this risk can be minimized without reducing the quality of training. These simulators include:

  • Full-Flight and Combat Simulators - Designed to train pilots, starting from plane familiarization, to complete real combat missions. The simulator cockpit is a replica of the real Su-22M4 cockpit.
  • Egress Trainers - Enables pilots to train for ejection procedures in specific aircraft. Advanced trainers allow the pilot to become accustomed to in-flight emergencies, choosing the right moment for ejection.
  • Pilot Selection System - ETC’s Pilot Selection System is an integrated testing program used to determine whether pilot candidates have the required aptitude, skills and abilities necessary for becoming a pilot.
  • Physiological Training Device - Studies show gymnastic training substantially benefits trainees’ ability to adapt to acceleration, shaping spatial imaging and visual motor coordination.
  • Unit Level Training Device - The Unit Level Training Device (UTD) is designed to offload certain training tasks from high-level simulators. The system allows the pilot to become familiar with the aircraft and offer training navigational procedures and combat systems.
  • Arms Trainers - Training possibilities include: single observer training, multiple observer team training and training of infantry and armored units commanders in cooperation with artillery.
  • Helicopter Simulators - Features six degrees of freedom hydraulic motion system with 8000 kg payload, complete set of radio-navigational and on-board instruments imitators and specialized software.
  • Vehicle Simulators - Drivers gain experience in handling failures in individual systems and vehicle installations, becoming familiar with potential risks and responding to road traffic hazardous situations and mastering economical driving.


ETC-PZL is dedicated to the continual development of civilian training products for both aviation and ground based applications. These products include helicopter and aviation simulators, driver trainers, rail vehicle simulators and rescue and medical trainers.

  • Aviation Simulators - As standard we offer training devices in two configurations: Fixed Base Simulator and Low-cost Unit Level Training Devices. More sophisticated configurations with six degree-of-freedom motion system or with wide Field-of-View are available.
  • Driver Trainers - Drivers gain experience in handling failures in individual systems and vehicle installations, becoming familiar with potential risks and responding to road traffic hazardous situations and mastering economical driving.
  • Rail Vehicle Simulators - Enables users to gain and master practical driving skills in their typical railway environments and develop safe and economical driving habits.
  • Police and Rescue Simulators - ADMS is used to effectively train incident commanders, command post staff, and vehicle operators at all levels, either as a team training solution, training the complete chain of command simultaneously, or training individual parts of the chain separately.


Software developed by ETC-PZL Aerospace Industries works with various operating systems, including MS Windows or Unix. It applies standard inter-process communication methods and can be used on a range of COTS equipment. RUP (Rational Unifield Process) is applied during software development. Project documentation is based on UML diagrams. The software is modular, enabling modification of particular modules without inference with other software elements. Each module can be used both as a library and as an independent program.

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