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Ever since its inception as Daeyoung Electronics Co. Ltd. in 1968, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES has played a leading role in the development of the Korean wireless communication market through the design and manufacture of large capacity transmission equipment, optical repeaters, mobile telephone terminals for vehicles and ADSL equipment.

In particular, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES has been largely responsible for supplying core wireless communication equipment, such as HF/VHF/UHF radios for the Korean military tactical communication network over the past 40 years.

Now, with the battlefield operation environment rapidly transforming into a network-based wireless communication setting, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES is focused on developing and providing concept-type integrated battle field management solutions based on its Network Centric Operation (NCO) capabilities while pioneering new opportunities in next generation military tactical communication networks, data links, C3N (Command, Control, Communication and Network-centered projects) and combat systems backed by its key wireless communication technologies.

Furthermore, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES has achieved substantial progress in the commercial domain, such as in the IT and security solution business areas by utilizing and advancing its technological know-how and experience in wireless communications which have yielded various solutions including integrated pictorial image network solutions for traffic control and safety and total perimeter security solutions.

In September 2006, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES and the Boeing Company, one of the largest aerospace and defense enterprises in the world, established a strategic partnership through the signing of a long-term teaming agreement and an equity investment by Boeing for a minority interest in HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES. Based on this partnership, HUNEED TECHNOLOGIES and the Boeing Company will fully utilize each other’s capabilities and know-how to create a synergy in creating business opportunities through joint marketing, work exchange programs and training of technical manpower.

In close collaboration with the Boeing Company, Huneed Technologies will continue to employ all of its efforts to create customer value with digital technologies on the foundation of a balanced growth between defense and commercial businesses and is poised to catapult into the rank of a world-class company equipped with top-level management, high quality standards and transparency.

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Huneed Technologies

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