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Since 1981, Multiplast has been designing and manufacturing multihulls and monohulls in high tech composite materials with unparalleled performance (Atlantic records, the Jules Verne Trophy, Route de Rhum, the Volvo Ocean Race...) Multiplast has rapidly forged a reputation, becoming the world leader in performance boat construction as well as in the use of high performance composite materials, allowing it to work with world renowned naval architects. Taking direction in 2009, Dominique Dubois began diversification, applying Multiplast's know-how to other industries, developing the fabrication of parts for renowned companies including Airbus, Thales and Zodiac Aerospace.

Composite Yachts

A pioneer in the composite yacht construction industry, Multiplast has become a world name, with a list of ocean racing accolades dating from 1981. The combination of its naval architecture office and composite materials processing factory in the same company allow a professional overall approach. Despite branching out to other industries, Multiplast has maintained its identity as a boat constructor, with composite yachts leaving the yard designed by world renowned naval architects (Farr Yacht Design, German Frers, Groupe Finot, Guillaume Verdier, Juan Kouyoumdjian, VPLP...). Multiplast caters for the following markets: Competition Yachts (Competition catamarans and multihulls and Monohull raceboats) and Performance cruisers (Cruising multihulls and Cruising monohulls).

Industrial Civil Composites

A pioneer in the industry of advanced composites projects, Multiplast has an acquired experience of more than 25 years in the fabrication of large composite structures. The benefits of composite materials lie in a combination of exceptional qualities which allow high strength associated to light weight. These unique qualities allow the advantageous replacement of metallic structures by composite structures in many applications, such as Aeronautical and aerospace; Transport; Defence; Renewable energies; Construction etc. Multiplast produces tooling for large clients as well as small series of large dimension industrial composite pieces.

Composites in the Defence Industry

Since 2000, Multiplast has produced composite parts for the defence industry. Two types of project are carried out: Build to print (the client provides the drawings and specifications and Multiplast produces the part) and Build to spec (the client provides a specifications document and Multiplast develops, calculates, defines, designs and fabricates the component). For the defence industry Multiplast has fabricated: Simulator flight domes for helicopters; Components for radioelectric use (radars, radomes...); Acoustic components (sonar domes); Specific components.


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