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  • Ballistic Protection
  • CBRN Equipment
  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • Infrastructure, Construction & Civil Engineering
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

PRACTIKA, is a Ukrainian Company established in 1993 as a research-and-production association in Kiev, occupying a leading position in Ukraine in providing services, technical support and production of safety goods.

Company’s activities began with the production of banking equipment: safes, security doors, currency exchange offices, bank vaults, server rooms, entrance rooms, cashier’s offices, cash operating units – to expand to manufacturing of armoured vehicles, first CIT vehicles and then VIP cars, after 5 years of its foundation. Winning the tender on supplying over 1,000 units of emergency medical vehicles as a part of a government program of medical vehicles procurement proved to be another challenge to company’s specialists. Scaling production of medical vehicles to 15 units per day was an unprecedented volume not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. The company also exhibits a wide product range able to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army.

The production activity of the company has the below basic directions:

  • Armoured vehicles(cars of VIP class, cars cash-in-transit, cars for people carriage, military armoured vehicles) & Military products
  • The Bank equipment (storehouses of values, doors, safes, cases archival, the equipment for depositaries, means of technical protection of the information, servers, currency exchange items, cash cabins, protection platforms-sluices)
  • The Fire-prevention equipment (doors, gates, curtain, glazed partition, hatch, valve)
  • The Equipment for nuclear plants (hatches, gates, etc.)
  • Individual security tools
  • Security glazing
  • Service maintenance

At present, company has  the office in Kiev, and a completely equipped factory extending in an area of 7,000m2. The factory is equipped with all necessary equipment to perform complete cycle of production and quality control of works at each stage. PRACTIKA is a leading enterprise in Ukraine in sphere of safety, and has gained trust of clients all over the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Nigeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc. The company has the necessary licences and certificates.

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  • 20A, Malinskaya Str., 03680, Kiev, Ukraine
  • +38 (0444) 235580, 235581
  • +38 (0444) 235580
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