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Repkon is a provider of turn-key complete production plants solutions for the metal forming sector as well as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of key metal forming machines for the global market. Recognized worldwide for its proprietary design and manufacturing know how, REPKON has been selling sheet metal forming equipment to producers across the globe since 1978.

Repkon offers complete turn-key production plants solutions for the manufacture of metal products, such as wheels, gas cylinders, gas valves, conveyor rollers, and hollow parts. Repkon’s strength in designing and creating custom solutions for its customers combined with its process know-how, technological capabilities in flow forming, hot spinning, hydraulic presses and tooling and die sets position the company uniquely to deliver complete solutions for its customers.

Repkon offers technological know-how, training and supporting documentation, guarantee and spare parts service to give the customer a lasting solution, not only machines.

For the Defence Industry Repkon offers:

Flow forming machines (for the production of medium and long-range missile bodies, the ammunition bodies, motor and cartridge cases production for the aerospace and aviation industries); Shear Forming machines (for the production of the precise copper cones used in the anti-tank rocket heads and similar parts); Hot Spinning machines (for the production of war-heads, as well as the production of high-pressure cylinders); Ex-proof hydraulic presses (for filling of explosive substances with following features; fully automatic with dosing, suitable for operation behind the shielded area); Hot forging presses and ironing presses (for the production of warheads with hot process); Standard hydraulic presses (various deep drawing, forming, calibration, cutting and punching operations); Heating table presses (for pressing and curing of composite or equivalent materials); Complete turnkey production lines (for the production of warheads using hot and cold methods).

Repkon Machine and Tool Industry & Trade

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