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FERTIL, was established in October 1980 as a joint venture between Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and TOTAL, with a shareholding ratio of 2:1 respectively. The plant is located in Ruwais Industrial Zone, about 235 km from the city of Abu Dhabi. Construction of a processing plant began in 1980 and production started in December 1983.

The prime objective behind establishing the company was to utilize the lean associated gas supplied from the onshore fields to manufacture fertilizers and to market them locally and internationally. It is comprised of one processing unit each of ammonia and urea.

The installed capacity of the ammonia unit was 1,000 MTPD and 1,500 MTPD for urea. The plant had fully integrated utility units with storage facilities. Since then, the company had been continuously improving its technology and productivity.

After the completion of Urea Debottlenecking Project in 2009 and commissioning of FERTIL-2 project in July 2013, the combined complex production of Ammonia reached 3,310 MTPD and Granulated Urea 5,800 MTPD.

The market for FERTIL’s products has expanded considerably since its first shipment. Today, about 6% of its annual production is marketed locally within the United Arab Emirates, while 94% is exported to the Indian sub-continent, Far East, Africa, USA, Latin America and Australia.

FERTIL aspires to enhance its image & standing in the world markets. The new plant utilizes state of art technologies for safety, health, better energy conservation and reducing environmental emissions. FERTIL remains committed to its global role in increasing world food production.

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Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (FERTIL)

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