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Since its establishment in 1945, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "SPLAV State Research and Production Association" was assigned with the task of creation of a scientific and technical basis to develop shells for the tube artillery, arrange their serial production and create the special-purpose equipment.

At the end of the 50es FSUE “Splav” SRPA” began the development of Multiple Rocket Systems (MRLS) and in 1963 the “Grad” system was adopted for service of the Russian Army. Nowadays the system is adopted by the Armies of more than 50 countries around the world. During the following years the “Uragan”, the “Smerch” MRLSs and the MRLSs for the Navy were developed. The systems are provided with the rocket projectiles of different purposes.

The "Grad" Multiple Rocket Launcher System (index 9K51) is designed to engage and suppress the hostile manpower and materiel in concentration areas.

The "Grad-1" Multiple Rocket Launcher System (9K55) is designed to engage the hostile manpower and materiel in concentration areas, artillery and mortar batteries, command posts and other targets.

SMERCH Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) (9K58) is designed to ensure battlefield mass destruction weapon delivery means and storage facilities, lightly armoured and armoured materiel, rocket launchers, artillery and mortar batteries in firing positions, air/missile defence units in deployment areas, aircraft in airfields, helicopters in parking pads and landing zones, command and communication posts of troops control, engineer support facilities and fortifications, various components of military infrastructure.

The “Uragan” Multiple Rocket Launcher System (9K57) is designed to engage any type of group targets the susceptible elements of which are manpower sheltered or in the open, soft-skinned and armoured materiel of the motorized infantry and tank companies, artillery, tactical missiles, SAM systems units, helicopters on landing sites, command posts, communications centres and military-industrial (defence) facilities.

The "Damba" System is designed to engage underwater sabotage units and weapons such as mini submarines and combat divers to ensure anti-sabotage defence at berthing entries as well as to guard the operational areas of the coastal frontier. The system is operated in conjugation with the coastal defence sonar system or in the autonomous mode.

The "Ogon’ "System is used for equipping of river and assault boats including cushion craft. The system ensures: engagement of coastal area targets, materiel and manpower in the coastal strip, surface targets (crafts and boats); evolving of islands of fire.

Udav-1M ships anti-torpedo defence MRLS is used for engagement (diversion) of the ship attacking torpedoes. The system can also be used against submarines, underwater saboteurs and weapons.

RPK-8 Antisubmarine MRLS is designed for protection of the surface ships against submarines as well as for destruction of the ship attacking torpedoes and underwater saboteurs.

FSUE “Splav” SRPA has developed and commercialized 73 types of artillery shell cases for use with 23 mm to 152 mm calibre guns for the Russian ground artillery, Air Forces and Navy.

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