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Virtual Reality Media a.s. (VRM) is a private company engaged in design, development and production of state of the art simulators and training systems. The company’s activities include:

Military simulators - Fixed wing aircraft (Mig-29, Mig-21, SU-22, SU-25, L-39); Rotary wing aircraft (Mi-17, Mi-171); Ground vehicles (T-72, BMP-2).

Civil aircraft simulators - Business jets (Cessna Citation line FNPT, FNPT II MCC, FTD and FFS Level C,D).

Other services - 3D modelling; modelling of terrain databases (Geo-typical, Geo-specific); Glass cockpit conversion and NVG compatibility.

Virtual Reality Media a.s.

  • Rybarska 1, 911 01, Trencin, Slovak Republic
  • +421326518100
  • +421326518222
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