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Since 2000, VOGO has been a pioneer in the aluminum shipbuilding market in Korea. The Company has produced through technology transfer from Sensation Yatch in New Zealand, a large number of aluminum patrol boats and by 2003, more than 100 vessels were in service in the Navy and Coast guard. Additionally, the Company has been awarded a medal from president Noh for its contribution to the national coastal security.

In 2005, despite the technical difficulties, the submersible line was developed. In 2013, the Company developed the first Korean submersible capable of operating both on surface and underwater. With consistent efforts in R&D and challenge spirit, the big milestone was achieved. VOGO will continue to become the world’s best small and special purpose vessels manufacturer.

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Vogo Co. Ltd.

  • 21-196, Bondong-gil, Geundeok-myon, Samcheok, Korea, South
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