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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

Aviolanda Aerospace is well on its way to become the aerospace innovation hub in the area of ​​community building, market development and the creation of a marketplace. It is the Dutch one stop shop for maintenance and the exchange of knowledge at the sustainable business park located at Woensdrecht air base. Within this sustainable, spatial and economic area development, attention is being paid to working, living, personnel, training and research. Including excellent accessibility and top-class facilities such as the runway, park management, hangars and international quality certification.

By restructuring the existing business park in 2010 more room was created for new companies in the airline industry. Companies can relocate to Business Park Aviolanda. There is a joint office building called “Spirit” and a joint lobby called “Pioneer”. At Aviolanda Aerospace companies look for synergies and they use and develop innovative technology. Due to the presence of leading companies with international quality certifications the business park has an international status.

  • Excellent accessibility and central location between the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp (Belgium);
  • Presence and availability of the landing strip at military air base Woensdrecht;
  • Presence of qualified personnel due to 60 years of aviation industry in Woensdrecht;
  • Sufficiently qualified personnel in the future due to presence training center for aircrafttechnicians;
  • Cooperation between government, captains of industry, education and research;
  • A business to business environment, dedicated to innovation, research & development;
  • Knowledge and experience focusing on both the civil and military market and the opportunity toparticipate in military maintenance, repair and overhaul activities;

The cooperation between Aviolanda Aerospace and the Royal Air Force provides opportunities for the business sector, innovation and creates jobs. The Royal Air Force is mainly focused on the area of military maintenance, whereas Aviolanda Aerospace is active in the area of civil maintenance. The cooperation between both parties provides opportunities for the business sector, innovation and creates jobs.   “About ten years ago the Maintenance Valley initiative emerged. The government is using this initiative to try and create a cluster of aviation related companies in the Southern Netherlands. Woensdrecht air base is the center of this cluster, where a strong connection between industry and government is of paramount importance, “according to Commander Eric Schevenhoven.

Unmanned flights have expanded enormously in recent years. Although professional flights are (still) very restricted and the options are limited, a lot is to be expected from this new market in the future. The unique location of Aviolanda Aerospace ensures that companies have the opportunity to legally test or demonstrate new UAVs.

A large part of the civil aviation fleet is owned by leasing companies. A growing market in the aviation MRO is the ‘conversion’ of aircrafts for different operators, on behalf of leasing companies like AERCAP and GECAS. During the overhaul or maintenance cycle, both the interior and exterior are adapted to suit the colors and corporate identity of the new operator.

One of the capabilities that adds value to the one stop shop Aviolanda is to provide airplanes with a new paint coating. In one week, a 180-seater’s old paint is stripped and a primer coat of paint is put on followed by (usually) two new paint coatings, including lettering/logo, etc. A lot of this business comes from Fokker Services’ redelivery activities. The current provider of these services does these activities for Fokker, but also draws a lot of own work.   For this purpose, BPA is negotiating with third parties about the realization of a new narrow-body hangar.

These days airplanes and helicopters more often are made of (partially) composite materials. However, many people still lack the knowledge to repair composite. It is therefore common to replace broken composite parts instead of repairing them. That is why there is a great demand for composite maintenance and inspection services in the military and civil aviation. The repair market will grow strongly due to the increased use of composites and the possibilities of fixing them.

An essential part of maintenance activities is the availability of new or overhauled parts in combination with the logistics behind it. Inspections are planned during MRO activities and these will lead to repair/replacement orders. At FS many of these services take place in the so-called back shops. Small, specialized departments, each of which deals with its own part (avionics, moving parts, interior, engine, etc.).

Aviolanda Aerospace Woensdrecht

  • Aviolandalaan 37, 4631 RV, Hoogerheide, The Netherlands
  • +31 164 820 208
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