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  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber

Solico is an engineering company specialized in the design and development of fiber reinforced products. For over 25 years, Solico has developed numerous successful composite products for customers. The company’s designs are focused on lightweight transport equipment, marine and defense, sport equipment, lightweight machinery parts and pressure- or storage vessels.

Being the largest independent composite engineering company in the Benelux, Solico’s success is based on a combination of good design capabilities and a lot of “hands on” experience.

Solico is fully independent of any material supplier or composite producer. In this way, they can provide customer with the best possible design with an optimal choice of process and materials.

With their extensive experience Solico is fully equipped to manage customers’ projects from artist’s impression to finished product. This includes: project management, design, quality control, damage assessment, etc. etc.

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Solico B.V.

  • Everdenberg 5A, 4902 TT, Oosterhout, The Netherlands
  • +31 162 46 22 80
  • +31 162 46 27 07
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