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ESTechnologies B.V. is established in 2009 by Cor Meedendorp and Diederick Stam, both managing partners of Floattech BV. Cor and Diederick have many years of field experience at well known shipyards. They evaluated their knowledge of energy systems and the knowledge of other companies and developed the first Lithium-Polymer Marine battery with Lloyds certificate in the world. 

This battery is specially designed and certified for Marine applications and large energy storage systems in the most harsh environment and contributes directly to CO2 reduction. To guarantee the extensive lifetime of this battery, ESTechnologies has also designed a unique Constant Real Time Active Battery Management System. 

The batteries can be installed modular in series or parallel. The battery banks are being built with modules of 5 or 10 kWh in steps of 50 Volt and can be enlarged from 10 kWh (52V) up to 1000V and some MWh. 

This unique Dutch product can safely be applied to large scalable electrical energy storage systems.

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EST-Floattech B.V.

  • Smidse 2, 1671 NJ, Medemblik, The Netherlands
  • +31 (0) 227 570 057
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