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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components

Festo is the global provider of automation technology, technical training and water management systems, process and factory automation, telecommunications, radar and sonar. Our goal: maximum productivity and performance for our customers.

Festo specializes in the automation of Motion in Control processes in various industries and is represented worldwide in 176 countries. Festo as innovative partner has the ambition, to increase its competitiveness through extensive cooperation in the field of re-engineering of existing machines and in designing new machines. Through continuous innovation, Festo has got more than 30.000 catalogue products and offers customized automation solutions for more than 200 industrial sectors. The extensive range of services varies from design and design services to logistical and technical support, and services for installation and maintenance to training and training of operators and technicians.

Represented worldwide
With more than 3,500 courses worldwide in more than 26 languages, Festo Didactic offers practice-oriented courses like no other. Experienced instructors share their knowledge in industrial automation in more than 54 countries.

At a time when technical and technological developments follow each other at a high pace, knowledge has a strategic value. Indeed, companies and governments that maintain their (technical) knowledge at a high level increase their ability to drive and innovate. Additionally, applying the latest technologies ensures that processes take place more efficiently.

It is therefore that Festo has shared its knowledge in the field of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical drive technology and associated control technology in a professional manner for many decades. This is done through a structured program of training of which the modules can also be used for a "Customized Training" in your organization. During the training, Festo uses the unique concept of "learning through". Hereby the discussed theory is put into practice in the specially designed practical space.

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