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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Training & Simulation

Pro Systems is an international renowned organization with offices in The Netherlands and the UK. Pro Systems specializes in the design, installation and servicing of Advanced Audio Visual Display solutions for a wide variety of applications including Command & Control and Simulation. Pro Systems specializes in particular in 3D Stereoscopic /Virtual Reality display solutions with over 14 years of experience for several market sectors. 

Furthermore, Pro Systems offers a range of products to provide the ability for network centric warfare simulation by streaming/recording/playback capabilities of high resolution computer graphics, video and DIS/HLA signals across a standard LAN/WAN network fully synchronized. 

Pro Systems has delivered various complex simulation projects for several different applications including Ship Bridge Simulation with fields of view ranging from 180-360 degrees. Other projects include an F-16 Flight Simulator, Dome Simulation and various Driving Simulators for the automotive industry.

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ProSystems International B.V.

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