Last Update September 14, 2018


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Safety Masters is manufacturer and supplier of Personal Protection clothing focussing on Military, Firefighting, Police and the Oil and gas industry. 

Our new focus lies in providing a complete range of protective and fire-resisting clothing for the Military. Our products are made of high-performance fabrics from TenCate Protective Fabrics who is our most important supplier.  Safety masters processes TenCate Defender M in her products. These products meet all EN/ISO standards.

Safety Masters strength lies within the potential to create and produce any customized design and any order size desired  for our customers. We are a total safety supplier and are capable of delivering the complete equipment to ensure the users safety.  Our priority is to ensure the safety of the user with the focus on quality, personalized customer service and value for money.

Business goals& strategy
Our export ambitions lie in the Middle East, especially on the Military, Firefighting, Police and the oil & gas industry. Our strategy is to keep growing and expanding our business to international markets. By using our knowledge, the ongoing search for market opportunities and our ambition to keep moving as a company specialised in personal protection clothing, we are confident to achieve this goal. We offer our customers the possibility of one- stop- shopping where we guarantee that all is needed for a safe working environment is obtainable at Safety Masters.  

Regional strengths
Safety Masters is located in Brabant, the southern Netherlands, bordering Germany. Our company is settled in an highly industrialized region and one of the most knowledge intensive areas in Europe.

Safety masters is centrally situated between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp and the major German economic core region of the Rhine Ruhr. Eindhoven Airport supplements Brabant’s excellent accessibility with connections to over 20 major European destinations.

Safety Masters

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