Last Update August 28, 2019

Mr. Mohammed Rasheed Musabbah Al Romaithi, founded and established the Marine Construction Division last 1995. It was an experienced, technology-driven, customer focused organization manned by professionals with an average of 15 years on the ship building and boat making industry particularly in the military sector.


Al Fattan Ship Industry’s main yard is located in Al Sadr Port, Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with an area of more than 200,000 square meters and has multiple length of berths. The area was once a port in 2009.


As an extension of all the years of expertise, the legacy continued and the birth of Al Fattan Composite Division happened last June 2010. From then on, the Division develops and manufactures fiberglass boat with proven hull design which serves the commercial and military fast patrol and interceptor category integrated with state-of-the art technology and weapon system working under the association of international rules and standards for coastal protection.


Its commercial activities includes but not limited to building of steel ships, off-shore and on-shore services, manufacturing, fabrication, repairs and maintenance of vessels. The company is registered under the category of Higher Corporation for Special Economic Zones.

Al Fattan Ship Industry

  • P.O. Box 53509 | Abu Dhabi, UAE, , United Arab Emirates
  • +971 2 562 7742
  • +971 2 562 7740
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