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  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

C3T - Communications Command Control Technologies SA, is a center of excellence in high accuracy measurements, calibration, testing and quality control serving all sectors of the Greek industry, government agencies and institutes, the Hellenic armed forces and defense industries.

Company operates a series of ultra modern calibration and testing laboratories covering a broad spectrum of measurements as are electrical, dimensional, temperature, mass, pressure, relative humidity, force, torque, vibrational etc.

It serves through sectors like:

Defense: It offers the Armed Forces and the Defence Industry a number of sophisticated technical services including:

  • Calibration and testing of complex electronic and mechanical devices of the most advanced military platforms.
  • Laser inteferometry alignment applicable to torpedo tubes, artillery guns, antennas, CNC tool machinery, etc.
  • Calibration of inertial table systems.
  • Calibration of fuel tanks of any size.
  • Repair of special and complex electronic and mechanical equipment and systems

In addition to test and measurement services, the Center offers consultancy in the following areas:

  • Design of EMC test plans
  • Advise on design of products for good EMC performance
  • Diagnosis of the causes of EMC failures
  • Solutions to EMC problems
  • Design and implementation of screened shelters
  • General EMC awareness training

Calibration: It includes dimensional measurements laboratory, temperature and relative humidity measurements laboratory, electrical measurements laboratory, mass measurement laboratory, pressure measurement laboratory, force and torque measurement laboratory.

Command Control Communications Technologies S.A. has been certified to EN 45001 and approved by Hellenic Ministry of Development.

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C3T - Communications Command Control Technologies SA

  • Kilkis Industrial Area, P.O. Box 50, Kilkis, Greece
  • +30 23410 72119
  • +30 23410 71987
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