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Meteksan Defence Industries Inc. is one of the largest Turkish defence industry companies, was established in 2006 to develop and produce high technology products and subsystems for Armed Forces. The systems and subsystems Meteksan Defence produce are used for command and control, communications, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes, and they apply to several different platforms, especially for surface and underwater platforms, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and missile systems.

The company operates in six fields; radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser and electro-optic systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems and platform simulators. Within these areas, Meteksan Defence has completed various projects both in Turkey and in Far East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe, such as ground surveillance radars, helicopter and UAV radars, data links, altimeters, counter drone systems, anti jamming GNSS, hull-mounted sonars, submarine sonars, naval training simulators, which are all fulfilling the costs, schedules and performance expectations of customers.

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Radar Systems

Meteksan Defence design and develop advanced and unique military radar systems to its customers based on Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The abilities Meteksan Defence has gained in millimeter wave radar technology since the foundation of the company, has made them to manufacture high-performing, high-reliability radar systems specialize in early warning, situational awareness and defense. With the knowledge and experience have gained in RF microwave and millimeter wave technologies, Meteksan Defence develops and produces fire control radar system for helicopters, automatic landing and take-off radar for UAVs and radar altimeters for missile platforms.

Perimeter Surveillance Systems

Perimeter Surveillance Systems developed by Meteksan Defence, includes ground surveillance radar, drone detection radar and counter drone systems for border security and critical infrastructure security such as airports, military bases, energy facilities. These high resolution advanced technology perimeter surveillance systems are optimized for human and drone detection and recognition automatically, which eliminate the need for continuous scanning by security personnel.

Communication Systems

Meteksan Defence develops high technology military communication systems such as missile and tactical data links, UAV communication, GNSS systems with electronic warfare protection, fully compliant with platform and operational requirements and having small size, weight and power consumption (SWAP). The company is highly experienced in transfer and share of data such as target, status, position, intelligence, time to strike and strike verification (C4ISR) between related platforms and users.

Underwater Acuoustic Systems

Meteksan Defence is developing Underwater Acoustic Systems with ‘Center of Excellence’ approach since 2009 to add value for naval platforms. Meteksan Defence became an important contractor at system level after investing in this area, targeting to be the underwater acoustic systems company of Turkey. Main products of the company are; hull mounted anti-submarine (ASW) sonar, transducer, hydrophone, fiber optic acoustic sensor, underwater digital acoustic modem, flank array sonar, acoustic vector sensor and submarine intercept passive sonar.

Platform Simulators

Meteksan Defence develops simulators for damage control, fire fighting and helicopter escape trainings of Naval Forces Commands and also other electro mechanical simulator solutions for Armed Forces. Systems developed include simulators of advanced technology provided from simulation and mechatronic market, and command control centers with advanced technology hardware for monitoring, controlling and evaluating all the trainings. Capabilities include embedded systems, hydraulic and mechanical system designs, 3-dimensional modeling, control systems, active-passive simulations, reverse engineering for an existing platforms simulation and control systems.

YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Sonar System

YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Sonar System is one of leading systems worldwide for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations and designed for the surveillance of the underwater environment to automatically detect and track underwater targets such as submarines, mine like objects and torpedoes. YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Sonar System has more than 10 years of field experience on 4 Turkish Navy MILGEM Corvettes, which are operated successfully at most over the world seas and oceans. Meteksan Defence recently signed a contract for 4 HMS systems of the Pakistan Navy's MILGEM Corvette program because of its new design and price/performance. 

ULAQ Armed Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV)

ULAQ AUSV has been built from advanced composites, has 400 km range, 65 km/h speed, day/night vision capabilities, encrypted communication infrastructure, which can be operated from mobile vehicles and headquarters or from sea platforms such as aircraft carriers or frigates, to be used for missions like intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, surface warfare, asymmetric warfare, escort missions, strategic infrastructure protection. 

Along with the missile systems, ULAQ is equipped with different variations of communication and intelligence systems like jamming and electronic warfare systems to correspond diverse operational needs. AUSV is going to carry out joint operations with complementary forces such as UAV’s, AUAV’s and TUAV’s. 

DCSIM Damage Control Simulator

DCSIM provides a realistic training environment to develop and conduct damage control exercises to shipboard personnel and also damage control readiness in the internationally recognized commercial and naval standards. DCSIM can be used to train the personnel with a duty in the sailing units as individuals and teams in the issues related to injury protection; to increase their affinity; to develop and strengthen their skills and experiences; to try damage repair intervention methods in various situations and to try and test the damage control materials to be supplied to the Naval Forces Command. The system provides instructors with the means to train naval personnel in the control, fighting and repair of real shipboard damages. DCSIM has been selected by 4 different country's naval forces and became the world’s top brand in damage control simulators. 

HUET Helicopter Escape Training Simulator

Meteksan Defence developed a modern simulator system for the rescue trainings of a helicopter falling into the sea or a forced landing aircraft. HUET trainings are carried out in a built-in pool, in which the helicopter simulation is rotated up to 180 degrees in a controlled environment and the personnel inside leave the helicopter in this situation. There are also different elements that will create a realistic environment such as storm / wave simulations, day / night separation and lighting / dimming possibility with adjustable light, sprinkler system with adjustable intensity, and the lighting, sound system, wind effect, wave effect and rain effect can be used together and separately to simulate stormy weather. 

FTSIM Firefighting Training Simulator

Firefighting Training Simulator (FTSIM) provides effective and safe training in a realistic environment where members of F/F team can take role of a firefighter, practice tactics and procedures through interaction with fixed and portable fire extinguishing equipment in simulated conditions without risking lives or property. The more you learn, the more you will be able to contribute to the safety of your ship effectively.

Thanks to state of art and fail-safe design of the system, FTSIM provides a safe training environment with adjustable and controllable difficulty levels. The system provides standardized means to train the crew from basic up to advanced level with proper and comparable evaluation reports. FTSIM is built in accordance with the current international Directives, and the Regulations for Prevention of Accidents.

Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar

Retinar PTR is a high resolution advanced technology ground surveillance radar system operating in millimeter wavelength and optimized for human detection and recognition. Retinar PTR can be used for border surveillance and security, camp security of patrols and perimeter security of critical facilities.

Retinar PTR; automatically scans large areas, eliminating the need for security personnel to constantly scan with cameras or binoculars, can work integrated with camera systems and various other sensors. It can be carried and installed by a two men crew and operated by single personnel as Retinar PTR has been designed for high mobility.

Retinar PTR is “field proven, portable, easy to use, advanced technology” radar that has proved itself at operations of Turkish Armed Forces.

Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar

Retinar FAR-AD is a drone detection radar that is especially developed to detect Mini/Micro UAV threats. It is a new generation system with advanced drone detection, classification and tracking technologies.

Retinar FAR-AD has 40⁰ elevation beam-width which provide a very wide field of air coverage. System can also provide high detection capability without losing from range performance of the radar thanks to its innovative technologies. One of the most important feature is accuracy to detect exact location of drones and Retinar FAR-AD provides with high resolution for both azimuth and elevation accuracy. Moreover, it has special tracking algorithms that are developed for all kinds of low/high speed Mini/Micro UAV threats and adjustable scanning rates for various moving speeds of drones.

KAPAN Anti-Drone System

The use of drones, which are spreading rapidly and it is very difficult to detect by traditional security measures, is also increasingly spreading for intelligence or assault by enemies or terrorists all over the world. KAPAN, which is developed by Meteksan Defence, offers a superior drone detection, tracking and neutralization performance for border and critical infrastructure security.

Meteksan Defence’s KAPAN Anti-Drone system offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with Radar and Electro-Optic system combinations. Additionally, KAPAN allows neutralization of drones with RF Jammer. KAPAN is a rapidly deployable, scalable and modular system designed to address the threat all of commercial and military drones.


MILSAR UAV SAR/MTI Radar is an airborne radar system specifically developed for UAV platforms. In GMTI mode, MILSAR detects and tracks the ground moving targets with slow scan and fast scan modes, so that operator can select the scan speed in accordance with the mission objectives.

MILSAR can generate images in stripmap and spotlight modes. In stripmap mode, MILSAR radiates perpendicular to the navigation direction and generates images of the scanned area. In spotlight mode, MILSAR continuously radiates on the same area by changing the UAV’s flight direction or radar antenna’s direction and it generates high resolution images of the focused area.

MILSAR facilitates to produce not only high resolution SAR imaging but also detect and track the ground moving targets even in adverse weather and low visibility conditions including cloud and fog.

Anti-Jamming GNSS

The jamming of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals, which are available on many of platforms, by enemy elements causes great problems including the platforms losing their function or even crash. Anti-Jamming GNSS supports GPS and GLONASS satellite signals, can work on multiple frequency bands and determine direction of the jamming signal, filter them by using signal processing techniques. Anti-Jamming GNSS also includes a built-in GNSS receiver capable of decoding GPS satellite signals for calculating position, velocity and time information. 

Anti-Jamming GNSS stands out from its counterparts as a product that contains world-class technologies against jamming threats that we may encounter in the combat environment, which can be used on all types of platforms including missile systems and UAVs.

PELIKAN RF Missile Seeker Simulator

PELIKAN RF Missile Seeker Simulator is a Naval EW test and evaluation asset designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a ship's electronic warfare techniques (ESM, ECM, RF Chaffs/ decoys, etc). The system provides realistic Anti-Ship Missile (ASM) seeker radar simulations to evaluate the operation of RF chaffs/ decoys and other EW systems; and a cost-effective in-house test, training, and validation capability. It also provides ship’s personnel to be trained in the use of EW equipment and in the development of avoidance and distraction tactics against simulated threats. 

PELIKAN RF Missile Seeker Simulator consists of a master controller and up to three remote emitters. It contains three RF missile seekers integrated into a single transportable shelter. System control is provided by consoles inside the shelter, which enable operators to configure different seeker parameters. The system can simulate a number of different missile types by varying parameters such as frequency, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency, gate size, pulse modulation, polarization, and detection criteria.

OKIS Automatic Take-off and Landing System

OKIS (Automatic Take Off and Landing System) is a tracking radar that helps safe take-off and landing of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) by providing three dimensional accurate position information.  OKIS System consists of two subsystems; Tracking Subsystem (Ground Unit) and Airborne Subsystem (Air Unit / Transponder).OKIS provides a reliable solution especially in wartime for the automatic take-off and landing processes of UAVs. OKIS also could be used for improving take-off and landing capability of helicopters during adverse weather conditions and night operations.

Radar Altimeters

Meteksan Defence Radar Altimeters which can measure precisely up to 2500/5000 feet altitude, provide sensitive data even on platforms with high speed and high maneuverability and working in operations such take-off/landing, low flight, and ground-referenced navigation on different earth structures, including offshore operations.Our Radar Altimeters with low output power, operation in a wide frequency band and low probability of Intercept (LPI) with power control mechanism which are automatically adjusted according to altitude, offers high availability with in-unit test features that operates during the opening, periodically on duty and depending on the operator’s request. Radar altimeters designed, developed and produced as fully compatible with military standards; have been successfully passed and qualified within environmental conditions (MIL-STD-810F), EMI/EMC (MIL-STD-461E) and flight tests.

ALACA KA-Band Radar Cross Section Measurement System

ALACA is an Ka Band Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurement system which has ability to find RCS values of ships which is an important parameter in protection from guided missiles and fire control radars, for improvement of the millimeter wave RCS of the existing or newly designed platforms and for measurement of the RCS of countermeasure decoy used for the deception of guided missiles likely to target naval platforms.

Missile Data Links

Meteksan Defence Missile Data Links provide permanent and highly secure communication between the controller platform and the missile by supporting execution of operator controlled missions via target detection, engagement, target update and also transmission of missile telemetry data & real-time imagery to operators for battle damage assessment. Missile Data Link Solutions transmit video data generated by seeker camera to the user in near-real time and transmits the user commands such as target marking/ locking and target update back to the missile. Our high technology solutions are optimized for high performance, low cost and custom needs of our customers using launcher and controller platforms in tactical area (air, land, sea).

KEMENT Tactical Data Link (TDL)

KEMENT TDL is a TDMA-based, secured (crypto), jam-resistant, high-speed digital communication system with relay capability for near-real time transmission of complex data sets. KEMENT TDL enables NEC (network-enabled capability) and NEW (Network Enabled Weapon) among Command Control (C2) Systems, land, sea and air platforms, ammunition (cruise missiles etc.), weapons and mission systems in the battlefield. KEMENT TDL is the first TDL developed in Turkey that has been all indigenously developed without any export-license dependent technologies as the standard basis for future TDL systems to be deployed for Air, Land, Marine and Missile platforms.

AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link

AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link is a LOS air-to-ground real time bi-directional communication system that transmits Unmanned Systems command & control data and receives telemetry & high data rate real-time video data on ground system with highly reliable Electronic Warfare (EW) protection. 
AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link is designed to be competitive with similar systems in the market targeting the main goals as easily adaptation for various platforms and cost effectiveness in procurement and maintenance. All subunits (modem, RF front-end, video and signal processing unit, carbon fiber composite antennas and control units) are developed and produced by Meteksan Defence.

GNSS Antenna and Receivers 

GNSS Antenna and Receivers offer high accurate and precised positioning GNSS technology to platforms. The GNSS receivers offer multi-constellation, multi-frequency tracking and features flexibility, low power consumption, field upgradeable software and and data logging. The products are designed for rugged dependability. Customers benefit from connectivity options for fast data transfer, as well as receiver configuration via Standard and user friendly interfaces. The GNSS receivers are designed for easy integration into multi-platforms.

The GNSS antennas have been designed to support high accuracy air, land and marine applications. They are high-performance multi-band GNSS antennas that are built with weather-resistant materials to allow operation in the most rugged of environments. It enables to maximize the GNSS receiver's positioning performance with the optimal GPS or GNSS antenna for the application. It produces an extensive range of single-band and multi-band GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou) antennas in the L1 and L1/L2.

Helicopter Obstacle Detection System (HETS)

Helicopter platforms are widely used in adverse weather and low-altitude/high-speed conditions for mission success. At these circumstances, detection of the vertical and horizontal obstacles and alerting the pilot in a timely-manner is an important safety issue. HETS is an equipment which uses 1550 nm wavelength fiber-laser, which detects obstacles such as wires, poles, trees etc. The system detects the obstacles and gives necessary alerts to the pilots with aural and visual means. System is operational with 30*40 degrees Field-of-View, and scans in 2 Hz for detecting vertical and horizontal obstacles up to 5 mm diameter. Total instrumental range is 1500 m. With the LIDAR technology, accurate signal processing and user-friendly visualization characteristics, HETS alerts the pilot on-time against obstacles.

Meteksan Defence Industries Inc.

  • Ankara Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi F Blok Beytepe Lodumlu Köy Yolu No:85/A Bilkent , Ankara, Turkey
  • +90 312 266 15 20
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