Last Update March 29, 2022


  • Composites, Plastics & Rubber
  • Other Aerospace, Defence and High Technology related companies

Vonk B.V. is a stock holding import-distribution wholesaler with additional custom made possibilities in the field of plastic packaging such as boxes, cases, containers, 19” racks and plastic – and aluminium, explosion proof chemically resistant mobile light sources for use on and around people and as of January 2020 Peli™ Bio Thermal refrigerated transport boxes.

We think along with our customers to provide their wishes with custom additions, which are also conceived together with the users and are suitable for long-term, sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly use.


  • Consultancy, development, prototyping (including testing) of lightweight plastic transport boxes and supervision of the delivery process.
  • Carrying out the unlimited manufacturer’s warranty of Peli™ Products and people point out the free service of Peli™, including for closing clips, handles and also LED lamp units.• Advising in mobile light units, pocket, head, helmet and hand lamps. Explosion proof, rechargeable, IR, UV and energy efficient.
  • Advising in logistic chains, where quality and design are important to make crates part of a larger logistic whole.
  • Advising in refrigerated transport packaging of Peli™ Bio Thermal.

Vonk B.V. works together with other suppliers with its technically high-quality and innovative products within all defence components, police, fire department, ambulance and other security services from the point of view that our commitment is at the service of the safety of all professional users in the field.

With our commitment to Peace and Safety, we think mission oriented in the box ‘out of the box’!

Vonk B.V.

  • Voorstraat 41, 3265 BT, Piershil,
  • +31 (0)88 033 03 00
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